Notification on implementing the activities on National Eye-care Day 2014



The Health Departments, Health Bureaus, Health and Family Planning Commissions and Disabled Persons' Federations of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Health Bureau and Disabled Persons' Federation of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

    June 6th, 2014 is the nineteenth National Eye-care Day, with the theme of “Focusing on the eye health and preventing from the diabetic blindness”. Diabetes is an international major public health problem as well as the major chronic disease threatening Chinese people’s health. Diabetic ocular complication, such as diabetic retinopathy, seriously damages our vision and becoming one of the major reasons for blindness. Strengthening the publicity and education, appealing to the residents to pay more attention to the diabetic ocular complication, controlling the blood glucose efficiently and doing ophthalmic testing timely and regularly will benefit the prevention and postponing of diabetic visual impairment a lot.

    Health and Family Planning Commissions and Disabled federations at all levels should take the advantage of the National Eye-care Day and make full use of the government power to organize the publicity activities of the National Eye-care Day seriously and carefully. The publicity should be connected tightly with the regional circumstances as well as the clinical diagnosis and treatment work of ophthalmology and endocrinology departments. Free clinics, health lecture, radio, television and internet are efficient ways to attract the residents’ attention. In this ways, the common people, especially the diabetic would be leaded to pay more attention to the eye health, and take useful measures to prevent diabetic blindness.

    The local related activities should be timely reported to the National Health and Family Planning Commissions and China Disabled Persons’ Federation by the provincial Health and Family Planning commissions and Disabled Persons’ Federation before June 20th.


Contact person of National Health and Family Planning Commissions:

Zhang Rui, General office of Department of Medical Administration and Supervision

Tel:  010-68792785

Contact person of China Disabled Persons’ Federation:

Meng Xiao, Rehabilitation Department

Tel: 010-66580397


General office of National Health and Family Planning Commissions                  General office of China Disabled Persons’ Federation