The Survey Work of "Sight First China Action" was Carried out in Ningbo


On November 12, Professor Zhao Jialiang of Peking Union Medical College Hospital who was the leader of project expert group of "Sight First China Action" and Director Xu Xiao of NIHA of The National Health and Family Planning Commission, accompanied by Professor Pan Songyang, the chief expert of blindness prevention office in Zhejiang province, came to ophthalmologic hospital of Ningbo to carry out the fourth phase  work of "Sight First China Action" and work research of blind prevention and treatment.  Dean Wang Songhe of Ningbo ophthalmologic hospital and Executive Vice-President Yuan Jianshu gave a report to expert group from the building background, infrastructure construction, personnel allocation, funds investment, service process and the specific work of hospital blind prevention and treatment of the hospital.

At the meeting, the expert group of The National Health and Family Planning Commission gave the full affirmation and praise of the hospital history of development and growth, the hospital conducting situation of blindness prevention and treatment and the work of sight restoring. As a public hospital, it can be active and positive to carry out the public benefit activity of blind prevention and treatment, which had model significance at home. Next, all members of leading group of Ningbo ophthalmologic hospital had depth discussion on blindness prevention and treatment , the fourth phase  work plan of "Sight First China Action" and other contents and also had communication on the current and future blindness prevention and treatment work of  Ningbo.

The research expert group highly appreciated the work grade of hospital blindness prevention and treatment at the same time, expressed to continuing to play the social benefit role of public hospital, and made greater effort to do the work of blindness prevention and treatment. Further improving the service ability, perfecting the reticular system construction of blind prevention, doing three-level work of blindness prevention and treatment and especially performing the leading effect of Ningbo blindness prevention and treatment work. Meanwhile, completing network direct report work of cataract surgery and improving CRS of cataract surgery.  Do fine and stronger ophthalmology blindness prevention work and play model function of blind prevention and treatment work.