Activities on the Eye Care Day in Sichuan


   On May 30th that was the eve of Children's Day (Jun. 1st) and Eye Care Day (Jun. 6th), with the leading of Xiang Zuomin vice director of Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission Medical Affairs Office, Archiater Lei Chuntao of Sichuan People's Hospital Ophthalmology and Vice director of Province Blindness Prevention Office lead 12 ophthalmology personals and 5 doctors of Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College Ophthalmology including Lan Changjun director went to old revolutionary base area, Nanchong Yilong county Yinshan Primary school, which was also the hometown of Zhu De marshal and Zhang Side, and gave a medical mission and check and eye health propaganda activity for more than 200 students at local area.

   June 6th, 2016 is the 21st Eye Care Day in our country and the theme of this year is "protect eyes from young". These years myopic rate in China increased sharply, and at president the myopic rate in China is 33% which is 1.5 times of the world average 22%. The Chinese students myopic rate is very high, in which the rate of primary student is 28%, rate of junior school student is 60% and the rate of high school student is 85%. Myopic provides great burden for parents and society, particularly the lowering ages in myopic draw attention of our related office. Therefore, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Education and National Blindness Prevention Office decided the theme of this year which is "protect eyes from young", calling on the whole society to pay attention to eye health and Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission also send files and information to every area to carry out propaganda education activity of Eye Care Day.

   Nanchong Yilong county is old revolutionary base area and the hometown of Zhu De marshal and Zhang Side. The economy develops behindhand here because of the remote area. Many parents go to work outside the county, result of the health of their children cannot get enough good care. The doctors of Sichuan People's Hospital and Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College make a check immediately after they arrived there, make examinations of vision, diopter, slit lamp and eye position for more than 200 students, and make fundus examination for a few of students who have some problems with eyes. The total myopic rate is lower than that in city but there are some serious problems such as amblyopia and improper or incorrect optometry, our doctors advise to teachers of school and patients on these problems and give propaganda of eye health for teachers of school, which receives the praise of local school and health and education office.