Hebei Eye Hospital Carrying out 2016 World Glaucoma Week


 Hebei Eye Hospital carried out the Glaucoma Week Series with the theme of "Focus On Glaucoma, Go With Light" from March 6th to 12th, 2016, which aims at strengthening the education and spreading of glaucoma knowledge and helping glaucoma patients relieve their pain and maintain eyesight, and it is well thought of patients.

   More than 100 glaucoma patients and their families came to the classroom on the fourth floor of multiple-use-building in the afternoon on March 11th, joining the "Glaucoma Friends Sodality". On the sodality, some glaucoma doctors from Hebei Eye Hospital explained some knowledge such as what was glaucoma, how to do with glaucoma, which kind of people was susceptible to glaucoma, nursing and right dropping after glaucoma operation and the importance of glaucoma following visit, which made glaucoma was known about more deeply. After that, doctor-patient symposium and speech of glaucoma patients were going on. This sodality not only made us acquire a lot of glaucoma knowledge but also getting highly praise for Hebei Eye Hospital, and the glaucoma office telephone number was told at the end of the symposium for better connection between doctors and patients.

   In the morning on March 12th, the vice-president and chief physician Lv Jianhua, the glaucoma office director and chief physician Cheng Sumian, associate doctor Tian Aijun and other professors joined the gratuitous treatment, on which there were 62 patients coming for treatment. The registration fee was free and doctors measured intraocular pressure, did slit-lamp examination and fundus examination for patients for free during the activity.