Ministry of Health Actively Promote the Establishment of International Standard for Chinese Residency Oculists


          From September 1 to September 2 in 2014, in order to further promote the perfect training system for Chinese residency oculists and  push forward the establishment of international, standardized and high quality training system--which is one of the most important ability development in blindness prevention field, blindness prevention and treatment training base of Ministry of Health combined with ORBIS International invited Mr. Karl Golnick, the person in charge of educational training in American optometric association ICO, to visit Shenyang Ho Hospital Department of Ophthalmology--national key specialty, discussing together how to establish the reproducible residency training system for oculists according to Chinese national condition. At the same time Mr. Karl Golnick shared his years of training experiences and training skills with the meeting participants who benefited a lot from the meeting.

          ICO is the important international Department of Ophthalmology Federation. All ophthalmological society members come from ICO, whose main task includes making blindness prevention strategy and ophthalmology development strategy, among which education is the core task. While for ICO in China, promoting the training for residency oculists is one of the important activities. Such an international joint work will lay a good foundation for further cooperation in the future.

          Blindness prevention and treatment training base of Ministry of Health will regard the task of training for residency oculists as the important plan for the next 5 years. The training base will built standard and international training pattern by learning from international advanced experience. The base will continue to strengthen the cooperation with ICO, regularly inviting ICO experts and sending Chinese residency oculists abroad for training to improve their professional competence. The base planed to take Shenyang city as the starting point, gradually spreading this kind of international-standard training pattern to the other parts of the whole country, which has the immeasurable significance in increasing China's residency training level and push the development of Chinese blindness prevention and treatment.