Kick-off Meeting of The Fred Hollows Foundation was Held in Beijing


During Feb.17th and 18th, Kick-off Meeting of The Fred Hollows Foundation was held in Beijing. Deputy Commissioner Zhang Rui from Department of Medical Administration and Supervision of National Health and Family Planning Commission attended the meeting and made a speech. She praised highly the contribution that the Fred Hollows Foundation made in Chinese blindness prevention, especially in the aspect of entitling the poor to enjoy the equal right to health.


73 project cooperation representatives attended the kick-off meeting. At the meeting, the cooperators and new entrants communicate with and learn from each other about their different experience and method, which is mainly about project periodical management, finance management and quality monitoring. In addition, the new cooperators from Inner Mongolia region and Anhui province signed the memorandum of understanding of new phase with the Fred Hollows Foundation.


It is worth mentioning that the foundation give support to a new project in Inner Mongolia region to cope with diabetic retinopathy, an avoidable cause of blindness. This project will benefit seventy percent of the people in Inner Mongolia region and come up with a synthetical eye care model, which is mainly to deal with diabetic retinopathy, cataract and ametropia. This kind of eye care model is still at a tentative stage. In Yunnan, Anhui and Xinjiang, the foundation will also support the construction of rural synthetical eye care system.


In 2013, the Fred Hollows Foundation in China,

    Did optic examination for 145,323 people freely

    Did 7,028 cataract operations

    Did optometry and concocting glasses for 41,520 people

    Did diagnosis and operation of other oculopathy for 87,050 people

    Trained 2464 Primary eye care worker

    Trained and supported 95 ophthamologists


The Fred Hollows Foundation believes that more Chinese will enjoy the great benefit because of the great efforts made by them and every cooperative partner.