The International Forum of 2015 Eye Optical Development and Myopia Prevention and Control


To promote the continuous health development of Shandong eye optical business and summarize the achievement and experiences of Shandong eye optical business in academic communication, clinical medical treatment, scientific research, talent training, blindness prevention and treatment, carrying out the public health project and other areas in recent years. The international forum of 2015 eye optical development and myopia prevention and control and the founding conference of Shandong eye optical and glasses association were held ceremoniously on October 31 in Jinan. Nearly 30 well-known ophthalmic experts and scholars at home and abroad including America and Australia gave academic reports with the international cutting-edge level at the meeting. Nearly thousands of eye optical comrades attended the meeting in Shandong province.

 At present, the vision health problems of our country’s teenagers were strict. According to the survey, the myopia prevalence rate of our country’s teenager was up from 50% to 80%. The number of people with myopia in the whole country was nearly 400 million, which occupied first place in the world. As it were, the myopia had become the “disease of society” of our country. The situation of Shandong province was more severe. According to the epidemiological survey date of the teenager’s low vision carried out in 2013 data, the myopia prevalence rate of elementary school students in Shandong province was nearly 40%. The myopia prevalence rate of junior high school students was nearly 70%. The myopia prevalence rate of senior high school students was nearly 85%.  The low vision not only had severe influence on the study, life and career of teenager, might even cause blindness with severe complication. The countrymen’s visual health, especially the teenager’s visual health, was always the important public health project and livelihood projects. WHO included the uncorrected refractive error into the 2014-2019 eye health Action plan. Our country also included it into blindness prevention plans of “the 12th Five-Year Plan” and “the 13th Five-Year Plan” (draft).

 Through the early further communication and friendly negotiation, the eye hospital affiliated of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University reached important consensus with Brien Holden Vision Institute. They would donated 2 million yuan RMB together and cooperate to carry out “Shandong teenager visual prevention engineering” and “Qilu eye optical talent training plan” over five years.  During the two cooperation projects implement, under the guidance of Shandong Health and Family Planning Commission and Education Department, the two projects would provide the public welfare low visual screening and prevention service for the Shandong primary and middle school students in school and provide free refractive errors orthodontic treatment for the poor students. By adopting standardized courses, the professional technology personnel of Shandong teenager low vision prevention and school health workers of were given standardized training to make them reach the technology level in accordance with international standards.  The project implementation would lay a solid foundation for realizing the aim of “Health Shandong Action” and improving the visual health level of Shandong teenagers.

According to reports, aiming at the situation of comparatively weak industry knowledge of employee, not high threshold of industry institution, uneven product quality, the lack of service ability and not meeting visual health requirements of many teenagers, the middle-aged people and eyesight disabled people existing in the Shandong eye optical industry at present, through the approval of provincial Department of Civil Affairs, “Shandong eye optical and glasses association ” was set up in this meeting. As the one and only eye optical and glasses industry social organization approved by government, it would make regulate the industrial standard and have regulation and supervision on the industry behavior centering on industry communication and promotion, cooperation and guidance, training and consultation, results display and promotion and other contents. It would conduct accession assessment on the industry products, institution and personnel, consolidate industry self-regulation, professional ethics, personnel training and leading the industry sustainable healthy development.

 According to information, this meeting had great scale, high level, rich contents and set up three special subject of teenager myopia prevention and control, eye optical education and career training and eye optical and eyeglasses industry development, invited foreign and domestic well-known leading figure of blindness prevention, pediatric eye diseases, optometry and glasses industry to have depth analysis on the hot question of the teenager low vision prevention development and strategic transformation, the innovation model of eye optical talent training, the chain management and administration of hospital optometric methods, the innovation developing pattern of glasses enterprise and others respectively, share insightful views and represent the highest level of Chinese eye optical development.

In addition, the ophthalmology of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University, optical medical college and bright eye and eye optical occupational training school in Shandong Shier announced setting up officially, held appointment ceremony for visiting professor and laid talent foundation for the sustained and healthy development of Shandong eye optical industry at meeting.