Notification on implementing the activities on National Eye-care Day 2015


The Health Departments, Health Bureaus, Health and Family Planning Commissions and Disabled Persons' Federations of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Health Bureau and Disabled Persons' Federation of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:   

June 6th of 2015 is the 20th National Eye Health Day with the theme of “Bidding farewell to trachoma blindness and watching out eye health”. Trachoma is one of the key eye diseases that the World Health Organization is going to prevent and treat. Repeated infection of trachoma can cause palpebral conjunctiva scarring and trichiasis, thus leading to damage on cornea, and may cause sight damage even losing sight. At the early days of new China, it was summed up as “Nine trachoma patients in every ten people”. Under the great efforts of all the related compartments and the blindness prevention and treatment workers in the whole country, along with the development of our country’s health care system, improvement of the health service ability as well as the carrying out of the patriotic health campaign nationally, the morbidity of trachoma was greatly decreased. According to the latest survey result of the trachoma morbidity, the rate of active trachoma and trachoma trichiasis in our country were 0.196% and 0.002% separately, which were greatly lower than 5% and 0.1%, the standard of trachoma popular region made by the World Health Organization. Thus, our country no longer belongs to epidemic counties of trachoma. And the target of eliminating trachoma had been received. The elimination of trachoma doesn’t equal to no trachoma patient in the future. So we should keep working hard to disseminate the knowledge of trachoma prevention and treatment, focus on the eye health and prevent trachoma from being epidemic again. The requests of the Eye Health Day’s activities are as following: 

1.     Health and Family Planning Commissions and Disabled Persons Federation of all levels should clearly realize that the conduction of the Eye Health Day’s activities is very important for the dissemination of eye health knowledge and the protection of public’s eye health. All the activities should focus on the specific themes and combine the dissemination of trachoma prevention and treatment knowledge, importance of eye care with the daily blindness prevention and treatment work. Before the activity time, conscientious plans and specific organizations and workers should be confined. During the work time, all the health care workers and disabled persons federation’s workers should be organized to walk into the masses and go to counties and towns to conduct free clinics, consults, lectures and so on. Thus, the level of trachoma prevention and treatment knowledge can be promoted and the achievement of the elimination of blindness-leading trachoma work will be solidified.

2.     When carrying out the related activities, all the provinces or autonomous regions should communicate and cooperate with the local presses. Thus, through radio, television, newspapers, internet, public health service platforms and other methods, the blindness prevention and treatment policy in our country can be propagated and the blindness prevention and treatment work including the elimination of blindness-leading trachoma, the vision recovery of cataract, the prevention of blindness lead by diabetes and the efforts on rectification of ametropia will be introduced. At the same time, it is of great significance to diffuse the trachoma prevention and treatment as well as other eye health care knowledge, raise the awareness of eye health care in the masses and guide the public to pay more attention to eye health care in order to create a fair atmosphere that all the people protect eyes carefully.


The local related activities should be timely reported to the National Health and Family Planning Commissions and China Disabled Persons’ Federation by the provincial Health and Family Planning commissions and Disabled Persons’ Federation before June 20th.


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