Notification on implementing the activities on National Eye-care Day 2016



The Health Departments, Health Bureaus, Health and Family Planning Commissions and Education Departments, Education Commissions of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Health Bureau and Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

June 6th, 2016 is the twenty-first National Eye-care Day, with the theme of “Eye Protection Starts since Childhood” in order to popularize knowledge of scientific usage of eyes, prevent refractive errors and improve eye health status. The requests of the Eye Health Day’s activities are as following:

1.    Improving students’ eye health status and reducing the vision impairment caused by refractive errors is the inevitable requirement of promoting teenagers’ all-round development, as well as an important part of implementing Health China Strategy and promoting the health quality and level of Chinese nation. At present, the problem of youth eye refractive errors is becoming increasingly prominent and the proportion of poor vision stays at a high level. The recent result of the survey on Chinese students physical health in 2014 shows that the poor vision proportions of primary school children aged 7-12 years old, junior high school students aged 13-15, senior high students aged 16-18 and college students aged 19-22 are respectively 45.71%、74.36%、83.28% and 86.36%. Family Planning Commissions and Education Departments of all levels should realize the significance of conducting youth eye care and protection work, make full  use of  ophthalmic medical institutions’ professional advantages and schools education’s positional advantage, promote students’ vision protection work together and implement the related education campaigns of Eye Health Day successfully.

2.    All the provinces or autonomous regions should refer to The Primary and Middle School Students Myopia Prevention and Control Work Plan and related eye diseases prevention and treatment requests as well as concentrate on the theme closely to make the work plan of Eye-care Day activities. The propaganda of Eye-care Day should be combined with the daily ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment work in medical institutions and the education work in schools. And specific institutions and staff should be confirmed to be responsible for the deployment and implementation.

3.    During the period of Eye-care Day activities, all the Health and Family Planning administrative departments should mobilize all the blindness prevention technical guidance groups, medical institutions and ophthalmic staff to walk into school and do lectures or consultation in order to help teenagers learn the knowledge and methods of using eyes scientifically and form healthy eye-using habits. At the same time, more gratuitous treatment and consultation should be organized in communities and countryside in order to improve the level of eye care knowledge in public.

4.    During the period of Eye-care Day activities, all the schools should conduct Five “One” eye care propaganda and education activities, which is one themed class meeting, one themed blackboard poster, one themed lecture, one themed composition, one ocular gymnastics or correct sitting posture comparison in order to popularize scientific eye usage, myopia prevention and other eye care knowledge, strengthen students’ eye care consciousness and help students form the healthy eye-using habits and correct sitting posture. Propaganda to students’ parents in the method of parents’ meetings, parents’ letters or others is of great significance to strive for their support and coordination to students’ eye protection.

5.    All the provinces or autonomous regions should communicate and cooperate with the local presses. Make full use of traditional and new media to propaganda scientific eye-using knowledge, especially the children and teenagers’ eye protection knowledge. Form a healthy social environment, Government Leading, Departments Coordination, Expert Guidance, School Education and Family Concern, to protect teenagers’ vision. National blindness prevention technical guidance group will also post materials of teenagers’ healthy eye-using propaganda for free in Blindness Prevention and Treatment website ( Please download and use in medical institutions and schools’ propaganda activities.



All the provincial Health and Family Planning administrative departments and Education Departments should analyze and report the activities situations to the Department of Medical Administration and Supervision of National Health and Family Planning Commissions and Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education of Ministry of Education.


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