Tianjin Peasants and Workers Democratic Party makes efforts to help Weinan activities carried out smoothly


In the guidance of Tianjin Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, Tianjin City Community and Heping district community, President Tangxin, Tianjin optical Hospital, sent their professor Song Renhui and Liu Ruyu to Shanxi Weinan Second Hospital to help optical service in their spare time.

During two day’s service, the two professors altogether had 20 cataract operations for the locals and presented them with a Phoropter worth more than 100 thousand Yuan on behalf of Tianjin Optical Hospital.

This time helping service is just after the relationship-building between Tinjin Optical Hospital and Weinan Second Hospital, organizing regularly the activities of the clinic and buiding the system for serious eye disease. Besides, Training the medical workers and academic exchange work and build build a remote consultation platform on line are also included. This year’s purpose is to send 2 experts there having free cataract operations, helping all patients implanted with aspheric intraocular lens. In the operation the p2 experts also taught the operation skills for the doctors in Tianjin Second Hospital giving them valuable experience.

    With the series of helping work, the professional development and eye disease diagnosis and treatment in Department of Ophthalmology in Weinan Second Hospital will be increasingly promoted so that more eye-disease patient will be well serviced.