Instructors of Project International RAAB were Trained in Manila


During March 10th and 16th, 2014, the instructors of Project International “Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness ” ,which is organized by the WHO Western Pacific Region office, were trained in Manila, capital of Philippines. They are representatives of academic realm, hospitals, governments from China, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and other 3 regions.


Doctor Ivo Kocur, blindness prevention officer from Geneva, the headquarter of World Health Organization, and Doctor Andreas Mueller, blindness prevention officer from WHO Western Pacific region office , did the sustaining job together for the meeting on behalf of WHO. And they also gave some important advice about the standard for the data collection of the prevalence of oculopathy, baseline survey, evaluation of blindness prevention projects.


The blindness prevention consultant of WHO, Doctor Hans Limburg guided this week’s training work as an instructor. RAAB is systematic method to investigate blindness and visual impairment, including the way to selecting sample, determine the staff of the investigation, train the investigator, prepare and begin investigation, fill in the forms, input the data, sort out the results, get report produced by the system and analyzed, as well as the analysis of the reasons for no operation on blindness, cataract or low vision. It took Doctor Hans Limburg more than ten years to sum up and revise the system on the foundation of the former fast investigation method of cataract. At present, the systematic method was accepted and praised highly by WHO and was used in dozens of countries and regions. Because of the standard investigation method and data-managing system, this systematic method allows the users to compare the data of different areas, and offers an extremely convenient and specific standard for the evaluation of blindness prevention project which are of different time and areas.


As the instructors of project RAAB (Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness), all the participants made explanation, shared their feeling and experience actively. Doctor Hu Ailian from Beijing Tongren Hospital(expert of National Blindness Prevention Technical Guidance Group ) and Doctor Xiao Boxiang from Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center Blindness Prevention Office also took part in the activity. And at the following time, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and other related organization will support more RAAB’ investigation to know or evaluate the prevalence of blindness and the quality of cataract operations.