Anshan Ophthalmic Hospital Starting “Public Eye Health Service”


    Anshan Ophthalmic Hospital associated with Anshan Charity Federation Zheng Anhong Love Team started the “public eye health service” and the “family across Taiwan Straits, public eye care action” program.

On the starting ceremony, Anshan Ophthalmic Hospital joined into Anshan Charity Federation Zheng Anhong Love Team and donated 1 million medical funds, which could be used for  compassion public figures to do the eye health check, eye health knowledge spreading and releasing materials. And reduce cure cost for cataract, myopia, glaucoma, children amblyopia, diabetic retinopathy and other diseases in eye health, making all the compassion public figures whether poor or rich could have healthy eye. Besides, 200 thousands yuan of the one million of the donation will be used in free eyesight checking for students and teachers in Tiexi district and optometry and optician for 500 poor students in order to reduce medical burden of poor family and make more poor students have healthy eyes.

                                Reporter: Sun Wei (Liaoning)