Chinese government has reached the goal of eliminating the blinding trachoma in 2014


    The 68th World Health Assembly was convened in May 18, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

    Li bin, Director of  National Health and Family Planning Committee of P.R.China gave a general debated speech that the Chinese government has reached the goal of eliminating the blinding trachoma in 2014. Thanks a lot for the support given by the Lions Club International  ! Thanks a lot to the leaders, experts and friends on blindness prevention and treatment at home and abroad!  

Salute to you!  

    On May 18, the 68th World Health Assembly was hold in Geneva. In the general debate, Li Bin, director of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC, made it clear that China supported to put health system construction and sanitary safety into “Sustainable Development Goal” of the 2030 year, supported member states to hand in hand to build the global public health security barrier, especially, the developing countries built health system with the ability of dealing with the emergency. Meanwhile, China also supported imagination made by the WHO about establishing emergency team and emergency funds, and was willing to take an active part in emergency response action of global public health emergency events.

    Li Bin said faced with the health emergency events which took place frequently in various countries even the whole world, the key is “meeting   changes with constancy”. The “invariability” referred to the excellent health emergency core competence. It included “the four pillars”. There were sane laws and regulations, emergency plan system, efficient command coordination mechanism, accurate and prompt information report system and professional & efficient Emergency disposal team. In recent years, the Chinese Government strengthened the health emergency system construction roundly, met the construction standard of the public health emergency core competencies of IHR (2005),continued to improve the legalization, institutionalization and  standardization level of health emergency, built health emergency prevention and control working mechanism in which the Health Department took the lead and more than twenty departments participated, and achieved cross-sectoral, cross-regional coordination linkage and scientific and efficient decision. Moreover, China established the largest network direct report system of infectious disease epidemic situation and public health emergency in the world. The average report time is reduced to 4 hours. In addition, China established information reporting mechanism with the WHO and some surrounding countries. China set up four kinds and 36 branches national and nearly 20000 branches and more than two hundred thousand people local health emergency disposal team using “the peacetime and wartime combination” in different area of the whole country. For the past two years, more than 120 emergency medical rescues above the larger level had been organized. The number of the wounded who had diagnosis and treatment is more than 26000.

    Li Bin pointed out, at present, China deepened the reformation of health and medical system , had put effort into building comparatively perfect public health, basic medical service, basic medical insurance, drug supply and health supervision system and perfect primary health care network covering to the community. In 2007, lymphatic filariasis was eliminated. In 2014, the indexes such as the death rate of China pregnant and lying-in woman, infant and children under 5 years old all achieved the goals of the thousand year development in advance. In 2014, China met the requirement of elimination of blinding trachoma in whole country put forward by WHO. Building health system with the ability of dealing with the emergency provided powerful support for perfecting these health indexes.

   In addition, Li Bin also addressed in his speech, with the deepening of globalization, about the public health safety question, no country was immune from it. Every country needed to work together, face together and actively take themselves national responsibilities.