The First Stage Training of "Messenger of Eye Care" Holding in Shen Yang Successfully


 National Health and Family Planning Commission accompanied with Shen Yang He Eye Hospital and EssiLor Cooperation is going to train a team of "Messenger of Eye Care" which composed of a batch of 300 basic country doctors in Liaoning between 2016-2017.

   The first stage training of "Messenger of eye Care" was held in Shen Yang He Eye Hospital successfully. The program is aiming to improve Liaoning basic eye care training system β€”β€” by training a batch of basic "Messenger of Eye Care", and giving eye care service such as vision correction and treatment of eye disease for isolated area in order to realize the goal of "everybody could have the right of seeing".

   During this training, 22 country doctors from Hun Nan district, Fa Ku district, Kang Ping district and other districts joined the training. County doctors has acquired eye basic knowledge and eyesight fitting knowledge through the two part training of theoretical and practical exercise, and finally the 22 country doctors acquired the certificate and qualification of "Messenger of Eye Care".

   There are about 420 million people who need vision correction, 25 million of which has not correct the eyesight because of losing eye health conscious, living in isolated area, deficiency of purchasing power or other reasons. EssiLor Cooperation in France is the greatest vision correction lens firm all over the world, whose mission is increasing people's living quality by improving vision. Shen Yang He Eye Hospital devotes itself to developing basic county eye health system, training county messengers of eye care, establishing developing eye health ecological system, improving county eye health conscious and serves for isolated area by providing affordable eye glasses and ophthalmologic service and ensures everybody could have the right of seeing.