Brief Introduction of "Light in County" Project

     To assist the building of healthy China, comprehensively promote a new round of deep reform in the medical and health system and implement the precise poverty alleviation strategy, in 2018, the National Institute of Hospital Administration and Novartis jointly launched the project of "Light in Countyβ€”β€”Ophthalmological Capability Building of County hospitals in China", aiming at strengthening the ophthalmological capability building in grass-root units during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, and jointly coping with the new challenges brought by the work of eye health and blindness prevention in China. Starting from the concept of comprehensive sanitation and health, the project will focus on project innovation, strengthening ophthalmology in grass-root units and promoting the development of eye health. With the goal of improving the quality and level of ophthalmology service, the project will make high-quality ophthalmology resources and services more popularized and convenient.

In the coming three years, the project will be carried out in 100 county hospitals under the jurisdiction of 10 provinces in China. Through the formulation of personalized training programs, a standardized training system will be gradually established. The project will set up demonstration centers for diagnosis and treatment of common ophthalmic diseases in the county. With people's eye health as the center, the project will provide high-quality ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment services at the county level, promote screening and standardized treatment of cataracts and uncorrected ametropia, and strengthen early screening and referral of major blindness causes such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and senile macular degeneration.