China National Blindness Prevention and Treatment Website

       Ranked as the national-level website, China National Blindness Prevention and Treatment Website( managed by National Institute of Hospital Administration under the direct guidance of the Department of Medical Administration and Supervision, NHFPC. We promote the development of blindness prevention and treatment career in China as our mission, and make every effort to make it become the network dissemination center for blindness prevention and treatment cause in China. Target population includes the responsible officers in charge of blindness prevention and treatment from the national administrative departments of public health, the provincial blindness prevention offices, national medical institutes operating cataract surgeries, NGOs, etc.


       Our content covers various aspects concerning with the blindness prevention and treatment, including latest policies and strategies in China, scientific knowledge and public education information, research progress, current work in each province of China, projects, public welfare undertakings, personnel training and other related information.


       For the purpose of achieving the complementary advantages and common development, China National Blindness Prevention and Treatment Website is willing to cooperate with institutions, social groups, non-governmental organizations, public welfare organizations, media, etc. to promote the development at all levels and in a wide range on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

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