2015 World Sight Day——“Come to Take Care of Eye Health”


There are more than one billion people facing to losing sight all over the world till 2050.

-It is predicted that almost 5 billion people are suffering from myopic till 2050.

-It is predicted that almost 10 billion high myopia people are under threat of losing sight till 2050.

-Experts urge parents to take their children to make eye check at regular intervals and increase the outdoor activity time and control the time of using electrical instrument of children.

-The government should subsidize for the related research and intervening measure.

Oct.8th, 2015, Sidney Australia: Brien Holden Vision Institute warned to the public: myopia was going widespread and serious, if people ignored the effect of myopia, there would be up to one billion people under the risk of losing sight by mid-century. There are about 2 billion people suffering from myopia at present. Researchers predict that there will be half of the population of the world having myopia till 2050, up to one fifth of which is part of high myopia. The risk of losing sight will increase obviously if these people do nothing except for taking intervene or having photodynamic therapy.

“Today (Oct.8th ) is the‘World Sight Day’,Brien Holden Vision Institute is calling out to all over the world——Take care of sight and take care of eye health”, Doc. Kovin Naidoo, the vicarious CEO of the institute, thought that facing to the major challenge of world public health field, we should take action and protect people’s eye health from government to medical organization, from society to school, from parents, children to each person. “First of all, the society and the public must face up to the existence of the threat of losing sight; secondly we should set and act the solution with researchers, ophthalmologists and public health servers together, which can effectively decrease and solve the losing sight problem. Next, we should train and equip technical eye health personnel to help patients face the risk of losing sight.” Doc. Naidoo added.

Myopia spreads widely in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the major city area of Japan and Korea, the myopia rate of high school leavers can reach to 80%-90%. Nevertheless the problem is not only in Asian country, data shows that the adult myopia rate of western country such as America has increased from 25% in 1970s to 42% in 2004 in the past 30 years. “The more serious problem is that the major part of myopia people tend to turn to high myopia, while high myopia can increase obviously the potential risk of vision impairment and losing sight”, Doc. Naidoo stressed, “myopia cannot be cured or reversed until now, while optic way or intervene way can control myopia effectively, and then slow down the development, and prevent patients developing to high myopia.

According to the research of the institute, almost 90% patients can be prevented to develop to high myopia if the myopia development can be slowed down at 50%. “Brien Holden Vision Institute urged parents and school teachers take action together”, Doc. Naidoo added, “parents should encourage their children taking at least 2 hours everyday in outdoor activities, otherwise they are also supposed to ensure their children would not over use electrical instrument such as tablet computer, mobile phone, electrical game machine, television and other activity which use eyes in a close distance. Teachers should be with parents together, take children to make eyesight and ocular region check in regular period and be early vigilant and find the vision problem of children and take intervention.

Some special corneal contact lens and glasses can control myopia development effectively, which could be fitted by professional personnel. Brien Holden Vision Institute is exploiting a myopia management essential with relative private department, which would be a general impeccable eye health care management project, covering the eye care propaganda and education and clinic intervention for patients.” Doc. Naidoo introduced. Otherwise, “ Our Children’s Vision” children eye care project of Brien Holden Vision Institute obtained the support of lead singer of a famous band and social activist Mr. Bono, and realize by the “Buy Vision, Give Sight” action of REVO brand, which is aimed to solve the problem for myopia children”, Doc. Naidoo added.

IAPB set the theme of the World Sight Day this year be “Eye Care for All”. It is relative to every person in every age, we should pay attention to myopia not only in the day. It is our duty for our generation.