Caring for Low Vision Patients-The First Low Vision Center in Shanxi Province was Inaugurated


2014-06-27, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province—Australia Brien Holden Vision Institute(abbreviated as Brien Holden) and Shanxi Eye Hospital  inaugurated the Shanxi Eye Hospital Low Vision Center sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank China co., LTD (abbreviated as Standard Chartered Bank China). As an important part of the Seeing is Believing Blindness Prevention and Treatment program, the project is greatly supported by the Shanxi Government, Health and Family Planning Commission, Education Department, and Shanxi Provincial Disabled People Union. The Low Vision Center is aiming to offer professional diagnosis and optometry service for the low vision patients and help them to integrate into society.

As a kind of visual disability, low vision refers to the condition that the patients also suffer from the visual damage after treatment or standard diopter correction. According to the standard made by the World Health Organization, under the condition of the best corrected visual acuity, if the vision is between 0.05 and 0.3, then it is regarded as low vision. At present, the eyesight disabled are 2,220,000, among which the low-vision patients are about 140,000, about 63 percent of the whole eyesight disabled.

As for the adults, the reasons for the low vision are diabetic complication, the diminution of vision caused by macular degeneration and the low vision caused by glaucoma. Along with the social structure of population aging, it can be foreseen that the population of low sight will surely be larger. As for the children and adolescence, the main cause of low vision is the congenital eye disease, such as the congenital eye structure defect, congenital cataract, glaucoma and so on. The occurrence of low sight influenced the growing-up, life and study of adolescence badly.

In the year of 2013, the Standard Chartered Bank China invested 5,000,000 dollars, starting up the biggest “Seeing is believing” program through China in Shanxi Province to celebrate the opening up of branch in Shanxi. The program is organized by Brien Holden cooperating with four international non-government organizations, aiming to improve the eye care equipment and related service for 3 cities and 15 counties in Shanxi Province and strengthen the local children’s(under 16 years old) eye health supervision and management mechanism. The project also pays attention to the formulation of the basic-level eye care staff in order to improve the quality of the eye health service.

“It is my pleasure to witness the opening ceremony of the first Low-vision Center of Shanxi Province. I am extremely cheerful for it. It is an important measure under the framework of the Seeing is Believing project, and also extremely good news for the low-vision patients in our province.” Jia Yading, the director of the Shanxi Eye Hospital said. “Advanced equipment, professional staff, considerate service and training aiding will satisfy the rehabilitation needs of the low-vision patients to the greatest degree, and prevent from the further vision damage even blindness.”

In the opening ceremony, Ms. Tricia Keys, the Asia Pacific project director of Brien Holden Department of Public Health, pointed out that the Department of Public Health of Brien Holden Vision Institute is very experienced. In the past 20 years, they had established many sustainable eye care equipment and systems globally, helped different countries and regions formulate many eye care professional staff, and offered professional help for the ametropia low-vision patients.”

At the same time, Ms.Tricia Keys said, “It is my pleasure to witness the foundation of the first Low Vision Center in China. In our plan, there are 3 city-level and 6 county-level Low Vision Centers included. They are all plans under the framework of the Seeing is Believing, aiming to offer vision assisting tools for children under the age of 16 and suffering low vision in Shanxi province, such as electronic video magnifier, telescope, and some relatively new type framed magnifying glass. ”

Li Jinsong, the president of Taiyuan branch of Standard Chartered Bank in China said: “Ever since 2003 when Standard Chartered Bank launched the seeing is believing program, China has always been its most favored nation. In cooperation with non-government organizations in blindness prevention and project execution hospitals, we have already invested more than 67,000,000 yuan to conduct blindness prevention program in Taiyuan City, Shanghai City, Sichuan Province, Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jiangxi Province and so on.  Seeing is Believing project has already offered sustainable eye health service for 4,700,000 poor people in China, among whom 270,000 patients were offered cataract surgery. Today, the opening ceremony of Low Vision Center proved Standard Chartered commitment for China market again, and is also the reflection of our promise Here For Good.

Some representatives of low-vision patients also attended the opening ceremony of the Low vision Center, and experienced the professional diagnosis and optometry service provided by the Optical Department staff from Shanxi Eye Hospital.

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