Officers from Nanchong Disabled Persons Federation went to visit the cataract patients


Nanchong Aier Mega Eye Hospital was visited by the group leaded by Kang Jiping on April 24th, 2014, for expressing the concern for the cataract patients who regained sight in 2014 and the staff participated into the work.

At 10 am, the group arrived at Nanchong Aier Mega Eye Hospital and guided the development of DPF cataract regaining sight projects accompanied by CEO of the hospital, Wang Xinlian. President Wang Xinlian gave a special report on the schedule of carrying out the project. At the beginning of this April, Nanchong Aier Mega Eye Hospital started the Nantong Disabled Persons Federation cataract regaining sight project and was giving operations for cataract patients in Gaoping district currently. Considering the features of the patients, the hospital promoted the projects in two ways. One is sending experienced medical group to screen for the patients in the area and provide door-to-door service to the patients living in the poor remote areas. The other is opening the special channel to give every patient the quick, effective and safe eyesight rehabilitation therapy, trying to show the standardization and characteristic of Aier Eye Hospital as the first IPO listed medical department of China. After the report, Kang Jiping gave the full affirmation, and stressed again the great contribution to Nanchong cataract treatment project made by Nanchong Aier Mega Eye Hospital since 2007. Later, Kang Jiping came to outpatient area and expressed sympathy to cataract patients and the medical stuff.