The AFPB Visited Hunan


The negotiation for the Aisa Foundation for Prevention of Blindness (AFPB) visiting was held in the 3rd floor meeting room of Hunan Health and Family Planning Commission at 10:00 on the morning of Aug.27th, 2015. The CEO and the vice-chairman of the AFPB Chen Liangyueming, the assistant of the AFBP Meng Junling, the director Zhan Ming and the vice-director Long Kaichao of Hunan Health and Family Planning Commission and other comrades have visited the negotiation. Otherwise, the president of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital and the president of Hunan Blindness Prevention Office Zhu Yimin with the related comrades also visited the meeting. The vice-president Long Kaichao hosted the meeting and the president Zhu Yimin introduce the work of blindness prevention and the program of blindness prevention held by AFBP inHunan. The assistant of Blindness Prevention Office Lou Xiaobo made a supplementary for the program of the AFPB. Ms. Chen Liangyueming took the new “ Vision regaining10”operation van toHunanthis time. The AFBP has donated “Vision regaining10”operation van in 2005, which goes around 14 cities in Hunan province and make operations of low-cost or free for 12200 impoverished cataract patients who lives in the remote mountain area. In 2010, the AFBP and Hunan Blindness Prevention Office got a cooperation and started the program for training basic ophthalmologists, 121 county eye-doctors have been trained and 9 county surgical equipment has been donated. Ten years later, Ms Chen Liangyueming took the new program for operation van toHunanand had a negotiation.


The president Zhan Ming extend a warm welcome and grateful thanks to Ms Chen Liangyueming and her companions. The blindness prevention van is a good program, which get the impoverished cataract patients in the remote area closer by stopping at the door of the patients. The president Zhan Ming signed the contract on the spot, the vice-president Long Kaichao and the division chief Gao Jiping gave speeches that the blindness prevention van should be turn to use as quick as possible and made it special per vehicle. Whereafter, Ms. Chen Liangyueming came to the Hunan Blindness Prevention Office —— Hunan Province People’s Hospital, and negotiated with the leading team, during which the secretary of commission Jiang Ranzi hosted the meeting, the secretary Huang Lihua made the welcome remarks and the president Chen Liangyueming made a further discussion for the program of new “Vison Regaining10”. The president of Hunan Disabled Person’s Federation Hong Yan will support this program as much as possible.


The new “Vision Regaining10”program is going to make a fresh start for theHunan“thirteen-five” blindness prevention program and promote a new situation for blindness prevention.