Professor KOVIN NAIDOO Taking Up the Post of the CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute


    The board of directors of Brien Holden Vision Institute declared to appoint professor Kovin Naidoo the CEO of the institute (professor Kovin Naidoo used to be the temporary CEO after professor Brien Holden passed away).
Professor Brian Layland, the chairman of the broad of directors of Brien Holden Vision Institute, said that the appointment was the greatest approval for his extraordinary leadership and long stage model meaning work during his temporary appointment. “Professor Naidoo is an excellent leader, an outstanding entrepreneur with noble character and an advocate of spreading eye health service.” professor Layland said. Professor Naidoo said, the Brien Holden Vision Institute with more than 40-year glorious history has been active on stage of eye care and public health all over the world. He pointed, “changing, creation and walking at the head of industry development were the common goal of all the staff in the institute and the base of extraordinary achievement of the institute.”
In Brien Holden Vision Institute, we have proudest leader group, consisting of scientific staff, technicians, experts of public health and education, and business elites. We acquire outstanding achievement in every unknown fields, creating and excelsior has already been our core spirit. Institute management group and every members will inherit and develop the spirit of Brien Holden, working hard for the development of the institute and eye industry”, professor Naidoo added.
Leader members including COO (chief operating officer) Yvette Waddell, Dr. Paul Erickson who is the charger of researching and development  of institute, the CEO of Brien Holden Vision Pty Ltd, Amanda Davis who is the COO of brien Holding Vision Institute public health department and Dr. KahOoi Tan who is the CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute (in China). Professor Naidoo introduced, “we were so lucky to have an experienced and multiplex team to run our institutes. Yvette Waddell with more than 20-year experience of ophthalmology research and management was the member of broad of directors of Brien Holden Vision Institute, who made great contribution in commerce, intellectual property right and business expansion of the institute. Paul Erickson was a senior insider who had a good knowledge of ophthalmology technology and was the most suitable choose for developing researching activity. Amanda Davis made great contribution of development of public health in the world, he had already been the leader of eye care industry in Australia. Dr. KahOoi Tan had rich experience of district management, marketing management, professional affairs, business expansion and clinical affairs in ophthalmic equipment industry.”
Kovin Naidoo has multiple identities that is the professor, optometrist, public health master, doctor, academician of America optometrist school, the CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute, who is a scholar, anti apartheid activist, optometrist and the famous leader of public health in the world. He has always been working hard for spreading eye care service of the world through researching, public health and starting business. Professor Naidoo used to be fright director of Kwa Zulu Ina University, and he is associated founder and the CEO of African Vision Research Institute now. What else, he is the associated founder of Clear Vision Optical and is the broad of director member of many organizations such as Vision Impact Institute. Professor Naidoo also served for many international organization and appointed on election and volunteering, including the president of international blindness prevention association in Africa, the action director of Vision 2020: Right to Sight, the committee member of the World Council of Optometry, the member of WHO ametropia group, etc. He is also the founder and president of Vision Research Institute in Africa, improving the cataract operation service in public department in Africa, and the president of the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Services.
Professor Kovin Naidoo is a Fulbright Scholar, and has been chose to be the Ashoka Fellow in 2006 for the great contribution on society entrepreneurship program of solving vulnerable group need. He also gained distinction of the best optometrist in Africa 2002 and the annual best optometrist of the world. Professor Kovin Naidoo and professor Brien Holden gained the Schwab Social Entrepreneur Award together on the WEF held in Tanzania, awarding for the outstanding ability in connecting commercial chance and social kindness aspect.