The Second Liaoning inherited eye disease academic seminar held successfully


On 21st Nov, 2015, the second Liaoning inherited eye disease academic seminar and Liaoning medical association ophthalmic branched association held by Liaoning medical association ophthalmic branched association and catered by the ophthalmology of Forth Affiliated hospital of China Medical University observe a grand opening in Shenyang. The seminar was hosted by professor Kong Jun who was the headman of inherit eye disease group of Liaoning Medical Association Ophthalmic branched association and vice-president of China Medical University graduate school. Professor Chen Lei in the First Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University sent opening speech. Professor Dong Fangtian of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 12 experts in total including professor Peng Xiaoyan of Beijing Tong Ren Hospital and experts in China and ophthalmic and inherited experts in the province gave splendid report in inherited eye disease, more than 200 people in total joined the meeting.
   Most doctors think that inherited eye disease cannot be cured. Along the fast development of ophthalmology and inherit field, many inherited eye disease and the accompanies made great breakthrough these years. According to learning and exchanging in the meeting, Liaoning ophthalmic doctors could have a deep acknowledge of the inherit research of inherited eye disease and the new development of clinical treatment, doctors joined the meeting benefits a lot from it.

   The senior discussed the controversial clinical issue in a debate competition form. All of the doctors joined the senior have a deeper acknowledge of the advantage and disadvantage of the two kinds of anti VEGF medicine in general use in ophthalmology which are receptor-medicine and fused-protein-medicine through a hot discussion. The comment of famous experts brought out the crucial point and the atmosphere was very impassioned. The senior was crowed with complete success.

                                Reporter: Sun Wei (Liaoning)