Liaoning Basic Hospital Ophthalmology Training Class for Management, Quality Controlling and Business Training Held in Shenyang


The forth Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University and China Medical University Ophthalmic Hospital commissioned by Health and Family Planning Commission of Liaoning Province and Liaoning ophthalmology medical quality controlling institute held the second Liaoning basic hospital ophthalmology training class for management, quality controlling and business training on subject of “winning in future on foresight” for following the new medicare reform, further enhancing basic hospital ophthalmology department development, improving management and professional technology level, putting the ophthalmology medical quality controlling into reality and strengthen the conscious of blindness prevention and treatment. More than 320 people including administrator, ophthalmology director, business skeleton staff and related personnel from medical affairs office who were from 14 cities and 44 counties in Liaoning province took part in the meeting. The representatives of Manchurian and Inner Mongolia also joined the meeting.
   President Zhang Jinsong of China Medical University Ophthalmic Hospital summed for developing three-stage network of basic ophthalmology in these ten years, pointing that only by promoting basic hospital comprehensive reform, improving ophthalmology management level and promoting business ability of ophthalmic doctors can we fit the graded medical treatment in the future and meet the ever-growing medical demand of basic public people in order to follow the new medicare reform.
   The meeting carried on 32 thematic lectures which provided theoretical guarantee for how to grasp medicare reform direction, development of basic ophthalmology and improving management and ophthalmology medical treatment level. The wonderful class were hot welcomed by participants, all seats were occupied and people reflect strongly about it. All of the presidents, ophthalmic directors and doctors of basic hospital reflected that the speech had a rich and practical content with a warm, natural, clear and easy explaining, they had a general systemic learning in medical, administrative and blindness prevention fields and cleared thoughts and opened eyesight in truth.
   In order to award advanced hospital and individual in basic hospital ophthalmic medical work, the meeting set three awards including “outstanding contribution award for Liaoning basic hospital ophthalmic development”, “award for outstanding ophthalmic directors of Liaoning basic hospital” and “award for outstanding ophthalmic doctors of Liaoning basic hospital”. Through constrict screening, 5 hospitals gained the “outstanding contribution award for Liaoning basic hospital ophthalmic development”,9 ophthalmic directors from county hospital gained the “award for outstanding ophthalmic directors of Liaoning basic hospital” and 7 doctors gained the “award for outstanding ophthalmic doctors of Liaoning basic hospital”.

   The successful holding of training class provides a platform for learning and exchanging, which guide for in and outside basic hospital ophthalmic construction and development and positively promote the improvement of management level, medical quality control,business ability and blindness prevention consciousness in Liaoning province at the same time.

                                Reporter: Sun Wei (Liaoning)