【Mourning】Professor Brien Holden Passed Away


July.28, 2015, Sydney:

Professor Brien Holden, the world’s leader of eye optometry, eye care and vision research community, who was widely recognized as a scientist and humanist, the chief executive of Australian Brien Holden Vison Institute, the winner of the Order of Australia and also the professor of College of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales in Australia, passed away last night in Sydney, Australia.

Professor Brien Holden was known as the most influential optometrist of the contemporary era. With the dream of “Taking the excellent vision to everywhere and everybody”, he had contributed all his life to the eye health care work and encouraged numerous scientists and professional workers to untiringly struggle for the better eye health of human beings.

On behalf of the institute, the vice chief executive of Brien Holden Vison Institute, Kovin Naidoo said: it was a bitter day for our institute because we had lost an outstanding leader. Professor Brien Holden was a soul man with big dreams and extraordinary vision. He had contributed all his life to the enterprise for human beings’ vision and happiness. He persisted combing scientific research with the social work, which made him a really great man in the eye care and vision research community, and also the authority to lead and actuate worldwide teams do scientific research together and offer professional eye care service for the vulnerable groups.

Last November, Professor Brien Holden wined the blue ribbon in optometry community, Model of Charles F. Prentice awarded by the Optical Society of America, which was used to commend his whole-life-time contribution. At that time, Professor Brien Holden had quoted the witticism of Newton, the famous English Physicist, and said, if I have seen farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Professor Brien Layland, the chairman of the board of Brien Holden Vison Institute, is the lifelong friend of Professor Brien Holden. He said, the contribution and achievement of Professor Brien Holden was praised and affirmed worldwide. Everyone who had worked together with Professor Brien Holden would cherish the memory and yearning him. His spirit would also encourage us to move forwards to the better vision of human beings.