Rights for Poor Cataract Patients to Have High Level Free Cataract Operation



  “The second period training workshop of blindness prevention and cataract operation doctors in Shandong province” was held on Oct. 26th, in which more than 300 cataract doctors all over the whole province had the training about theoretic and practical knowledge and public health project, in order to improve the ability of cataract doctors, ensuring “the million poor cataract patients regaining light project” going smoothly during the The Twelfth Five Year Plan period and making the publics more satisfied with public health project and government.

  No permission of “curable blindness into uncurable” in vision project

  “For a long time, plenty of problems in ‘million poor cataract patients regaining light project’ have an influence on quality after operation, even result to uncurable blindness, which includes high rates complication, less knowledge of indicates, operation accident delay, difficulties in referral system. Thus, it is the quality and quantity that counts more.” professor Bi Hongsheng said, the person in charge of the workshop, vise president of “Vision 2020” office in Shandong province and Shandong Ophthalmological Society and Shandong Province Medical Association branch chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology physicians. According to “million poor cataract patients regaining light” project in “The 12th Five Year Plan”, health department and doctor association of Shandong province decided to train and check the ability of blindness prevention and cataract operation ,which includes improving the theory and practice level of cataract doctors, ensuring safe and vision quality and offering high level free operation to poor patients, aiming at ensuring operation quality, improving ability of cataract doctors and making the project go successfully.

  Difference in Ability of blindness prevention doctors  

  Cataract operation, a subtle microsurgery, requires more on doctors, whose short and long effect is closely connected with experience of doctors. The more operations and experience they have, the better the  effect is, considering about complication rate, rehabilitation condition after operation, effect of curing and other aspects. Nowadays, a formal theoretic and practical training is badly needed because of the variety of the technical level of cataract doctors and effect after operation, and according the standard of operation of national blindness prevention association, we should ensure the real normal skills doctors have to meet the needs of the high level of cataract operation.

  Qualification of the hospital having cataract operations          

  According to the provincial requirement of blindness prevention, the hospital undertaking public health project must have 3 or more than 30% of cataract doctors getting through the training as well as acquiring the certification for cataract operation raining of Shandong. Health department increased the amount of operations in county hospital in order to lessen the cost for the poor cataract patients near, which requires the ability and qualifications of having reliable operations for patients after the training.    

  The positive significance of necessary training and examination for hospitals and doctors

  All doctors have been given teaching and training ever since though the doctor associations, teaching hospitals to improve the medical skills level. In order to achieve the objectives and requirements and the county level hospitals has been the focus of it. However, some doctors can not put what they learned into the clinical due to other reasons .  

  This training workshop, combining training and examination, promotes the knowledge put into clinical practice and really benefits patients. Shandong health department, ophthalmology society and ophthalmology doctor association held the first “Shandong blindness prevention and cataract operation doctor training workshop”, around 400 doctors joined it and got an excellent result. Professor Bi said, ophthalmology society and ophthalmology doctor society of province will get the workshop going, aiming to make every doctors in cataract project meet the requirements and improve the blindness prevention and curation level.

  This examination consists of theoretic and practical tests, “double blind” was used in the checking progress so that it eradicated cheating completely, which is said to be the first form of checking. This training workshop gets the attention of professors to visit here from ophthalmology society and ophthalmology doctor society in Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Sichuan and Henan province.