Effectiveness of Hunan Blindness Prevention and Treatment Making over 200 Thousand Regain Light



  On donation ceremony hold by Hunan blindness prevention office , Longkaichao ,Provincial Health Office Party member and deputy director of Hunan Health department,delivered donated Ophthalmic instruments to 9 local Hospital Directors on 25th morning November. The donated Ophthalmic instruments were collected by Asian blindness prevention fund and supported by Limingze and Huangyaobi charity fund in Huifeng bank(Hongkong),carried out by Hunan Health department, blindness prevention office, and Hunan peoples hospital.

  Hunan blindness prevention office was build in 1986 attached to Hunan people’s hospital responsible for guidance and arrangement, coordination and supervision work.It was estimated that since then over 200 thousand people regain light returning to the society .The blindness prevention office trained the basic eye doctors to grasp the needed skills to provide the best and convenient  service for the local people near.

  200 thousand people far away from darkness regaining light project benefiting farmers

  Data Shows that  the number of vision disability in Hunan accounts for 1%, almost more than 700 thousand people ,among which cataract  patients accounts for more than half .Most cataract  patients became blindness,losing self-care ability because of not being found and treated in time for living in the remote and poor countryside. Since  millions poor cataract  patients project was carried out in 2009 145 thousand people were beneficial to receiving free operations. Hunan peop;e’s hospital were responsible for organization, guidance and quality control of the project, calling back thousands of patients to know more information about the operation each year, 13000 patients in 2013. They learned that 90% patients recovered very well and have self-care ability after the operation . National heath department spoke highly of Blindness prevention work in Hunan province “ special fund used reasonably , free operations to patients, wide promotion, people know it well”.Asian blindness prevention fund donated “regain light number 10” operation vehicle going into xiangxi,yongzhou ,shaoyang ,chenzhou, zhuzhou ,hengyang ,yueyang ,yiyang ,huaihua ,wanghua, wangcheng city , on which 7 doctors had 10221 cataract operations for people there, even 40 operations one day. Meanwhile they carried out 13000 operations for nature vision disabled children improving their eyesight.

  Thousands of eye doctors have the basic skills by way of free training

  Free Eye microsurgery training in town hospitals supported by Asian blindness prevention fund had had 6 5-month trainings enrolling 121 basic eye doctors for county hospitals in Hunan since 2010, 20 doctors for each training period . For 3 years Asian blindness prevention fund  aided instruments for 9 hospitals ,3 hospitals each year, amounting to 1.8 million yuan, such as ophthalmic operating microscop, eslit lamp microscope, noncontact tonometer,Keratometer, optometry instrument, compimeter and eye surgical instruments, which are very common but important for cataract  and glaucoma operations, convenient for local people to see the doctor. The 5th national health vehicle training center--Andasin education fund Eye microsurgery training center were set up in provincial people’s hospital with the concern of premier Zhu Rongji in May, 2007,having finished training 116 doctors in 8 Eye microsurgery training workshops, inviting British royal experts to instruct and give clinic guidance periodically.

  Thousands of eye doctors learned about basic knowledge of theory, practical skills and policy of blindness prevention and public health improving their medical service level to ensure the smooth development of  regaining light project for millions poor people. CBM International blindness prevention fund project, apart from training doctors and supplying instruments, helped provincial blindness prevention office launch similar work at province-city-county 3 different levels. At present, such pattern had been taken shape in Chenzhou, Shanyang and xhangjiajie.