The Activity of Eye-Care Day-Shanxi Eye Hospital Had Conducted a Series of Health Propaganda and Education Activities


June 6th, 2014 is the nineteenth National Eye Health Day, with the theme of “Focusing on the eye health and preventing from the diabetic blindness”. According to the theme, Shanxi Eye Hospital had conducted a series of propaganda activities, such as organizing the related professors to record lectures in the TV station, editing and printing the “Eye Care Day” special journal, spreading the related knowledge on how to prevent from diabetic blindness. Some professors were organized to go into the schools and provide free clinic and propaganda on the eye protection. In the morning of the June 6th, the free clinic on eye disease was conducted, measuring the eye pressure and glucose and answering the related questions. During the activity, over 300 times of eye examinations, 700 times of propaganda and 2600 copies of the materials had been finished in the Gulou Square, Taiyuan City.

According to Doctor Yuan Zhigang, the deputy chief physician of Vitreous retinal department and medical department, diabetes had already been a worldwide public health problem, and also the major kind of chronic diseases which threatened the residents’ health. The diabetics may suffer from nearly all kinds of eye diseases, such as the retinal angioma, fundus hemorrhage, dacryocystitis, glaucoma, cataract, vitreous opacitees, optic atrophy, macular degeneration, amotio retinae and so on.  And the diabetics are more easily to suffer from those kinds of eye disease than those non-diabetics to a great degree. American National Commission on diabetes had reported that the diabetics were 25 times easily to lose their sights than those non-diabetics. As one of the main reason of causing blindness, the diabetic eye complications, such as the diabetic retinopathy, will damage our eye health greatly. However, the treatment of diabetic retinopathy at the early stage is very efficient, and the cost is obviously less than that of the treatment at the late stage.   The specialist reminded all of us should pay more attention to the diabetic eye complications, control the blood glucose effectively, and try to do the eye examination regularly and as early as possible. So that the impairment of vision caused by the diabetes can be efficiently prevented and postponed.