The Activity of Eye-Care Day-The Specialists’ Medical Team of Hebei Ophthalmologic Hospital Came to Old Revolutionary Base Areas


The June 6th, 2014 is the Nineteenth National Eye-Care Day, and the theme this year is “Focusing on the eye health and preventing from diabetic blindness”. In order to improve people’s awareness on the eye health, promote the scientific knowledge of the eye health, and make effort to improve people’s life quality and health and happiness index, six ophthalmologists of the "good deeds in Hebei- light dream? miles traveling " volunteering specialists’ medical team of the Eyes Hospital in Hebei province stepped into the 129 division headquarters’ site of Liu Deng’s army and Tiantie Hospital of She county in Handan city to send medical treatment, medicine and light to the masses in old revolutionary areas, under the leadership of Zhang Minglian, a famous ophthalmologist as well as the director of the hospital.

  At 9 am on June 4th, two volunteering medical teams arrived at the 129 division headquarters’ site in Chi An village, She county, Handan city, and Tiantie Hospital in She county separately to make eye examinations and promote popular science for the masses in old revolutionary areas, under the leadership of Director Zhang Minglian. There had been already nearly 100 people gathered in line when the six ophthalmologists arrived, so the ophthalmologists devoted themselves into the tensive clinical service in no time. And in the Tiantie Hosipital of She county, people who queued up to take inspections were even in an endless team. According to the Deputy Director Wei of the hospital, they have informed them this good message several days ago that ophthalmologists from Eye Hospital of Hebei Province would come to make free clinic, thus appeared the endless team. After 3 hours’ tensive and busy examinations and diagnoses, Zhao Miying and Liu Yandong, Chief Physicians and ophthalmologists of Eye Hospital of Hebei Province found out that almost 80 percent people examined had eye diseases to varying degrees, glaucoma,cataracts and conjunctivitis mainly, which was very different from that at streets. And they also made targeted diagnoses and treatment for them. According to statistics, there were 360 persons accepting free clinic in total this time, and medicines distributed for free valued more than 2000 yuan , and over 500 promotional materials of popular science were given out ,which was well received by the local government and people.

  This event was the first station of the volunteering clinic of "good deeds in Hebei- light dream? miles traveling " that the Eyes Hospital of Hebei province made uses of the theme of Eye-Care Day to do. On June 6th, 2014, which is the Eye-Care Day, Eyes Hospital of Hebei Province would arrange another 20 ophthalmologists to go to Linqing in Shandong, Hengshui, Baoding, Dingzhou and Xingtai in Hebei to make free clinic and send medical treatment and medicines, leaded separately by the leaders An Yahui, Wu Yanchao and Ning Enjun. And meantime, the hospital would also arrange a doctor-patient communication meeting about “paying attention to the eye health and preventing from diabetic blindness”. Ophthalmologists would make a presentation and communication via what you should do if you get diabetes and the prevention and cure of ocular complications of diabetes at the meeting ,and would also eliminate the registration fees for those who go to the hospital to see a doctor. During the period of the Eye-Care ,ophthalmologists have presented general knowledge about loving and protecting eyes and also promoted popular science about it comprehensively to improve people’s life equality and health and happiness index more for all the people through Xinhua Network, Hebei Radio, Hebei News, Xingtai TV Station, Xingtai Rdio, Xingtai News and so on.