Medical Team for Blindness Prevention of Shandong Province Helped Three Hundred Poor Cataract Patients from Qinghai Regain Their Sight


“Marching on the Bright Road in Qinghai” activity belonging to the assisting project of Shandong province started On July 21. The medical team consisting of ten specialists coming from the Affiliated Ophthalmic Hospital of Shandong University of Chinese Medicine was leaving for Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province to give free sight-restoring operations to the local three hundred poor cataract patients.

Qinghai province is one of the places assisted by Shandong province, which is located at hinterland of Tibet plateau. The altitude of the working place in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is from 3080 meters to 4420 meters. The place is so cold and extremely lack of oxygen. There are strong ultraviolet ray and long winter seasons with stable snow cover. The prevalence and incidence of cataract remain high. According to the calculation of the relevant department, about 2800 cataract cases appear each year in Qinghai. Many patients are in pain because they can’t afford the high medical fee.

To realize the sight-restoring dream of the local poor cataract patients, the Affiliated Ophthalmic Hospital of Shandong University of Chinese Medicine responded actively to the calling of Shandong provincial government. Under the leading of Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, the “Marching on the Bright Road in Qinghai” activity has been organized. Almost 2 million Yuan inspection equipment, surgery equipment and related medicines have been transported to Haibei local hospitals from Jinan by the air. These operations would use high-quality crystal and consumables, apply the current most advanced cataract surgery methods and help part of cataract patients in Qinghai restore sight.

Professor Bi Hongsheng, an NPC delegate and president of the hospital, said: this wasn’t a common cataract surgery. They shouldered the love and great trust from the provincial government and more than 9600 Shandong people. They wouldn’t insult the sacred mission, overcome the difficulty from altitude stress, such as breathing, severe headache, insomnia and weakness, make sure to finish every sight-restoring operation with high equality, complete the sight-restoring project building in the heart of the Qinghai people satisfactorily, let every cataract patient regain his sight and have a happy life. Meanwhile, the hospital had targetedly compile and print eye science knowledge brochures, took these to Qinghai province and popularized eye-care knowledge among the local people. During the loving surgery, the ophthalmic specialists of the medical team gave the relevant technology training to the local ophthalmic doctors.

  Professor Bi Hongsheng, once serving as the director of medical team assisting the Tibet, leaded the medical members to bring bright to the Tibetan areas. By his many years’ scientific achievements and abundant clinical experience, he performed cataract sight-restoring surgeries for the 97 -year-old Tibetan old Ci Renquzhen, famous as “the embodiment of the Chinese nation’s greatest mother”, and some patients with complex eye diseases, created medical miracle many times and made contributions to the national unity of the motherland.

Since 2010, according to the unified deployment of provincial party committee and provincial government, the whole provincial health system, combining with the actual situation closely, has insisted on the project first, intelligence support and benefaction to people first. The Qinghai aid policies combined with the actual situation of health and family planning work closely, have organized the whole system effectively. The aid work has gotten many benefits, which has invested 1.37 million Yuan to build the Remote Medical Consultation Center and equipped with the hospital management system equipment; has invested 6.5 million Yuan to buy five medical cars; has organized and sent 20 specialists for intelligence support and medical tour; has admitted more than 50 Qinghai medical staffs to have further study in Shandong province. Based on the arrangement of the Plan of Counterpart Aid to Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province by Shandong province during the 12th Five-Year Period, the funds with counterpart aid to Haibei state health project is up to 15 million Yuan this year. Part of provincial and municipal medical health unit would be selected to form a bonding relationship with different levels of medical health units and carry out comprehensive support from management, business, scientific research, Tibetan medicine promotion, etc. Eight optional movements aiding Qinghai province would be carried out, like the loving medical help project and so on, embodying features of health and family planning system supporting the Qinghai province.