Professor Wang Ningli was Awarded 2nd Prize for National Science and Technology Improvement Award



  2013 national science and technology progress award was held in Great Hall on January 10, 2014. Professor Wang Ningli, vice president of Tongren Hospital, the director of ophthalmology center, Chief expert and director of Department of Ophthalmology of Beijing Research Institute, was awarded 2nd prize for National Science and Technology Improvement Award for his research subject “pathogenesis of primary angle-closure glaucoma and its prevention system building”, winning honor for our hospital.

  In the early 1990’s Professor Wang Ningli began a serious of study on why our primary angle-closure glaucoma’s rate is higher than the West and why blindness resulted from it is increasing, including the followings:

  I Putting forward first the theory of co-exist of angle closure diversity and multiple mechanism, establishing a new classification system, adopted by world glaucoma association, Apac glaucoma society, and widely put into use, such as the guidance on our national glaucoma and normal treatment of Beijing ophthalmology. First found in the world 4 predisposing genes of angle-closure glaucoma related to chamber angle anatomy proposing new molecular genetics for nosogenesis of  angle-closure glaucoma. The research findings was published in Nature Genetics.

  II Designing and developing whole scope UBM for the first time in the world(2 patens of invention, 3 patents for utility models) , as well as portable and table whole scope UBM for 250 hospitals suitable to the treatment pattern both in small and big hospitals. Having the new-based screening skills of early angle-closure glaucoma and provocative test increasing the sensitive rate from 31.8% to 68.2%.

  III Establishing the pattern for angle-closure glaucoma treatment suitable to different hospitals and spreading nationwide decreasing the delay rate of early treatment for angle-closure glaucoma 40%, rate of blindness from acute angle-closure glaucoma 70%

  IV Evidence-based evaluation on the traditional operation and establishing the sequential therapy of medicine, laser and operation decreasing operation rate from 80% to 14%. Improving the technology of operation lessening operation complications rate 50%.

  Research group published 6 works and more than 80 articles, 32 SCI papers, the highest impact factor 35.209,  totally used 1533, others used 1344 , 214 used for one composition. The research findings was adopted by the  National Science and Technology Key Project in the 10th Five Plan, project on proper skills to the countryside launched by Ministry of Health, 100 projects in 10-year plan and spreading skills in Beijing, widely used in 22 provinces covering 13 million people, among which one million people benefited, lowering the blindness rate from 37.5% -75% to 4%-11.6%. The research realized the change of our angle-closure glaucoma prevention from technology following to technology leading .

                         From Beijing Tongren Hospital Website