Beijing Tongren Hospital Undertook the 5th International Low Vision Forum



                    Department of Ophthalmology Beijing Tongren Hospital 

                          / Yang xiaohui  

  Beijing Tongren Hospital undertook the 5th International low Vision Forum themed as “low vision recovering and finding the light”. 200 people attended the forum, including famous Ophthalmology experts and specialists ,scholars, and Visual Engineerings, college administrators in charge, provincial workers of the disabled rehabilitation department and Auxiliary appliance center, and low vision patients.

  Australian Professor Alan William Johnston gave a speech on the present situation and future of low vision rehabilitation. Dr. Alan Johnston is an associate professor of Optometry and visual science, Melbourne University in Australia, one of the first optist in blind Association, also an advocator of international low vision rehabilitation organization. In 1986 he attended the international training workshop of low vision held in our hospital. He was awarded Feinbloom prize, Australian Association of Optometrists Prize and was awarded  Australian medal for his outstanding achievements in the international low vision care work.

  Leaders will address the forum from China FIMITIC rehabilitation department, the national health planning administration, and China visual disability resource center. Professor Sunbaochen, the founder of our low vision field, and other low vision experts, learners, rehabilitation workers definitely exchanged in the aspect of rehabilitation situation, talent cultivation, opportunities and challenge, comprehensive rehabilitation service, low vision center building. They discussed on the latest study and new idea, putting forward suggestions for the low vision rehabilitation development. They all hope to create an environment with new idea beneficial to vision rehabilitation development in order to meet the needs of people.

  At present, low vision rehabilitation network has been built nationwide according to Vice president Wang Ningli in Beijing Tongren Hospital. During the 11th 5-year-plan period, 173 thousand patients was with low vision aids, 65 thousand patients’ parents were educated. The artificial eye was put into use for the totally blind, changing image signal into electric signal to stimulate the brain and get the sense of the image, turning the feeling into vision signal by the sense of hearing, touching and taste. Professor Wang hope to bring new world to the patients with these instruments.

  So far, China Visual Disability Resource Center and Beijing Tongren Hospital Continuous undertook 2 forums of low vision rehabilitation, trying to change it into international event for new ideas and experience exchange on the development of low vision, into famous international and domestic academic exchange conference providing communication platform for improving our low vision rehabilitation work.