Hunan Low Vision Training Workshop in Hunan People’s Hospital


  Low vision eye-sight is between 0.3 to 0.5 whose incidence is 0.3% to 0.4% leading most patients difficult to live and study even to lose Self-care ability if with out effective treatment and recure. Low vision training workshop was hold on 5-7 December hosted by professor Lou Xiaobo,  a children ophthalmic expert in Hunan people’s hospital , more than 30 provincial eye doctors joining the training workshop.

  3-day training included theoretic and practical course aiming at helping doctors understand the diagnose of low vision theoretically and using visual aid properly after practice according to the patients’ situation.Famous Professor Yu Cui from H e’s ophthalmology hospital gave the lecture to doctors . For practical skills Professor Yu asked them first to do some simple daily activities with their own-made glasses to have an direct experience of low vision .Later they together made the most suitable  recure plan and chose the right vision aids  for 5 visually disabled children from special school in Changsha after having a careful examination and evaluation to them. As a result, 5 children greatly improved  their eye sight both in short and far distance

  Doctors trained basically grasped the theory and methods to diagnose low vision after training, all making decisions when back home to put what they learned into clinic practice in order to develop low vision  recure work to benefit the patients.

 Reporter :  Lou Xiaobo, Chen Guo