Focusing on People’s Livelihood and Providing Suitable Children Eye Care Service


-------Shanghai 3-year plan for public health system development (2011-2013)

  “Comprehensive prevention and treatment for children myopia------to establish children archives record” service

  China has high rate of teenagers myopia , among which pupils for 32.1% , middle shool students for 67.9% , and 85.1% for high school students. Myopia has a bad influence on study, health, employment, and also has a negative effect economically. The rate of macular degeneration, retinal detachment and other eye disease of patients with high myopia is increasing and even leads to blindness. So far, there is no cure to myopia, while early detection and prevention is the key to control. Experts says establishing children archives record is the foundation of “early detection of myopia” and “early intervention”, which promotes the prevention and treatment of myopia greatly. deputy mayor Shen Yaoming proposed to focus on integrated control and establish children archives record in the meeting of prevention and control of myopia on Dec. 2nd ,2009, so that Shanghai government proposed a 3-year plan for public health called “Comprehensive prevention and treatment for children myopia and establishing children archives record” service launched by Shanghai eye disease prevention and control department combined with 52 hospitals and more than 240 social health service centers.

   “Comprehensive prevention and treatment for children myopia and establishing children archives record”service has following feathers:

  (1) renew the idea of myopia prevention. Establishing the refraction records through examination systematically, not only beneficial to early detection of short-sighted, far-sighted and astigmia but also to early prevention and control of at-risk children who has no myopia but easy to develop to myopia. (2) The service called “one person one file” has a wide range covering millions of students in preschool, primary and secondary school. (3) children are entitled to a better eye care services. Apart from naked vision, the “file” adds daily visual acuity, best corrected visual acuity, diopter, corneal curvature, anterior chamber depth, axial length index and other detection indexes and collects height, weight, eye myopia genetic background, eye-using behavior and other information so as for parents to know accurately the information about children. (4) children are entitled to more convenient eye care service. The project offers so many ways for eye-care service, such as myopia screening in students’ health examination, further free examinations in the near hospital, using"refractive development brochure",  build the web site, and opened 12320 hot line and message passage for information, so that children have a more convenient eye care services (5) strengthen the popularization of myopia prevention and treatment. Make and distribute Cartoon named “diary for caring eyes”, make video “myopia prevention ABC”, broadcast myopia prevention film “far from myopia” combined with poster to educate .

  The project effectively promote the development of Shanghai eye disease prevention and treatment under the efforts of group workers and experts, during which local financial department put more than 31 million yuan to the project, more than 40 computer optometry instrument and 20 IOL-master were added into use, greatly improved  the network facilities for the eye disease prevention. The project combined medical teaching and clinical experience perfecting teaching-treating and prevention-treating system. Besides, community health service center are encouraged to join in to ensure the basic prevention of eye disease. The eye disease prevention workers were trained and given some brochures for work management to improve the service level. This project also put the latest academic ideas about refractive development of children into their practical work, such as views on the eyesight development of children at different age, and misunderstanding of children refractive development. 

  By the end of November, 983 thousand preschool children and primary and middle school students had the myopia screening service over the city,  including more than 80 thousand suspected abnormalities and myopic children at risk in the designated hospitals have the free mydriasis optometry and review service with the related data into Shanghai disease control and prevention information system -- the electronic database for refractive development. In the future, resident health record are connected  to the Internet for parents to know the information about their own children and doctors to treat the patients, knowing the key time and the development for children’s myopia happening in order to prevent it from developing into seriousness.

                                            Reporter : He Xiangui