The Meeting of the Nineteenth National Eye-Care-Day Was Hold in Beijing


    In order to promote knowledge on eye care to the broad masses and improve people’s awareness on diabetic oculopathy’s prevention, the meeting, of which the theme is “Focusing on the eye health and preventing from diabetic blindness”, was hold successfully in Beijing Yi Zhuang Biomedical Park during 9:30 am to 11.30 am on June 6th, 2014, under the conducting of professor Ningli Wang. People attending the meeting included Wang Yu, Director of Department of Medical Administration and Supervision of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Liang Ren, Director of the Management Committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Na Xin, Deputy Director of the Department of Rehabilitation of CDPF, Qi Shiming, Deputy Division Chief of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Chen Yiqin, Vice Chairman of CHPF and former Minister of Medical Department of Air Force, and some other famous ophthalmologists and media.

    At the meeting, 3 items were mainly carried out:

(1) Allied Advocacy : the diabetic oculopathy alliance combining the ophthalmology with endocrinology department which is launched by president Ningli Wang, chairman of Ophthalmological Society of CMA, and Weng Jianping, chairman of Endocrine Society of CMA in the Third People’s Hospital of Zhongshan City, raised a proposal that interdiscipline would advocate the prevention of diabetic oculopathy altogether. And professor Wang read out the proposal on the spot.

(2) Telemedicine stepping into communities: over10,000 fundus photographs from the community hospitals in Beijing and hospitals of other provinces were delivered to each other to be read by ophthalmologists on the spot and given diagnoses and suggestions on treatment.

(3) Six institutions signed the donative agreement for the Guang Ming Foundation.