The International Training Course on Technology of Cataract Prevention and Treatment in 2015


    Sweet blossom in this golden autumn of October, the grand joint opening ceremony between ”The international training course of cataract prevention and treatment in2015” that is the foreign aid training project of the Aier Hospital and friendly units “the international training course of Small and medium-sized hydropower technology” of HNAC technology was held in Changsha. The ceremony was in the charge of Deputy Director of Hunan International and Regional Scientific and Technological Cooperation Department of Science and Technology Agency Li Hongsheng. Counsellor of the International Cooperation Department of the China MOST Zhang Jian, Director Zhang Jia, Director of the China science and technology communication center Xiao Yi and Sub-inspector of Hunan science and technology department Mr.Liu Tiebing together attended the ceremony and gave a speech. Mr. Zhang Yueweng, the chairman of Aier Wellness Industry Development Co. Limited and Hunan Kexin Wellness industry development Co. Limited, Mr. Wang Xiaobing, the chairman of HNAC Technology co.,LTD,were present and made a speech.

The opening of the training course was given a highly praise and affirmation by the Science and Technology Department and Science and Technology Agency. Counsellor Zhang Jian pointed out the China foreign aid training project was aimed at helping the developing country developing and perfecting the technology ability building and played the supporting role in the local economy and society development, which were the important contents of “One Belt One Road” construction and technology cooperation propelled by our country. By holding the training course, according to the principle of “equality, mutual benefit and protect intellectual property rights”, the mature and applicable technology was introduced to the developing countries, which would be conductive to enhance the technology independent innovation development of the developing countries and help to the improvement of local residents life and medical level, which bring benefits to the local residents. Aier which was the represent of private medical enterprises not only made contributions to the country technology aid, but also improved itself influence.

Mr. Zhang Yueweng, the chairman of Aier Wellness Industry Development Co. Limited introduced: the situation of our country blindness prevention was severe. The situation of blindness and visual impairment wasn’t improved fundamentally. In 1999the WTO estimated that our country was one of the countries who had the largest number of the blind in the world. Prevalence of blindness was about 0.5%. The number of blind people was more than 700 ten thousand. The percent of the number of blind which accounted for the total number of the blind in the world was 18%. Although the China blindness prevention and treatment had great improvement in recent years and the CSR was improved from 550 in 2008 to 1250 in2014, it had big difference with the rule in which CSR of the European and American developed country was more than 6000. The work of blind prevention and treatment had a long way to go. By builting the blind prevention and treatment system which adapted to the China’s actual conditions and had itself characters, Aier ophthalmology bring up the medical technology team which had better technology level and made obvious contributions to the blind prevention and treatment work of China or even the world. As the first IPO medical institutions of our country, ”Chinese well-known trademark” and the ophthalmic institution which had built 87 chain hospitals, Aier ophthalmology was honored to become one of the members of foreign aid projects of MOST. This training course would be taken in the high- standard ophthalmic clinical skills training center.  There are 20 member taking part in all who were form Pakistan, India, Indonesia, yemen, Nigeria and other countries. We provided the training courses including cataract screening, the prevention and treatment system construction and ultrasonic emulsion technology for the foreign students. We would collect Professor Zhao Jialiang who was academician of international ophthalmology Academy of Sciences, the professor of Peking Union Medical College and blindness prevention business department director of Aier ophthalmology hospital, professor Tang Shibo who was dean of Aier ophthalmology college in Central South University, Deputy dean Guo Haike, Professor Chen Maosheng who was cataract technology director of Aier ophthalmology hospital group and other experts having great influence un our country to provide rich theory and practice courses for students.

In the sixteen years when China advocated visual impairment prevention and treatment, Aier ophthalmology always insisted the service aim that is “making all of people having the eye health right” and moved ahead and spared no effort in the way of blindness prevention and treatment. To do the project of blindness prevention and treatment well, it was crucial to improve the number of surgery and make sure the medical quality at the same time and it was a key to foster and develop the power of blindness prevention technology. Aier ophthalmology built all sub-specialty training systems represented by cataract sub-specialty, had more perfect training mechanism which was “theory teaching –base operation and the sub-specially comprehensive ability training-inspection authorization”, carried out setting up TTT training with the training core standards, made identification on the training scheme, base and teaching experts and made regulations to training tracks and admittance assessment.  Aier ophthalmology became the first batch of “cataract operation training base identified by CMA”. This also was Aier undertook foreign aid training project of MOST and the cornerstone continuing to achieve success.

A little spark kindles a great fire. Aier ophthalmology was exactly a kindling. By the platform of cataract prevention and treatment technology international training course, Aier walked hand in hand, continued to light hope lamp for the blind all of the world and continued to struggle for the mission of the blindness prevention and treatment in the world. Aier ophthalmology would carry forward our cause and forge ahead into the future, make our country technology foreign aid communication training project more characteristic and wonderful based on inheriting fine tradition and basis of last three international training projects and made our country’s medical technology move abroad and move to the world.