The Management Ability Training Class for Guangzhou Province Basic Hospital Ophthalmology Directors Holding in Guangzhou in 2015


 The management ability training class for Guangdong ophthalmology directors of the whole province and partly townships which was held by Guangdong blindness prevention technology steering group and Guangdong medical ophthalmology academy was held in Zhongshan ophthalmic center, Sun Yat-Sen University from Dec. 26th to 27th ,2015. More than 120 ophthalmic directors from hospital of the whole province and town. The trainees were related careermans everywhere in Guangdong province.

   The meeting was hosted by professor Chen Weiying, who is the standing committee member and secretary of Guangdong medical ophthalmic academy, and the director He Mingguang of Guangdong Blindness Prevention Office sended welcome speech. Mrs. Li Hong from Guangdong medical association introduced, “establishing medical quality management platform basing on medical technology checking”; the director Chen Weirong, the member of standing commmittee Guangdong medical ophthalmic academy and the vice president of Zhongshan ophthalmic center, Sun Yat-Sen University, introduced “ establishing ophthalmology program roundly”, doctor Xiao Baixiang from Blindness Prevention Office analyzed and explained “basic hospital ophthalmology human resource project”; and president Zhang Mingzhi of Shantou University international ophthalmic center was invited to the meeting who shared the experience of “bright project” that was about expansion of amount of ophthalmology service; director Zhang Liang of Guangdong General Hospital ophthalmology gaved a class, whose topic is “role definition and self-management of directors”; and professor Zang Jing from the First Affiliate Hospital School of Clinical Medicine of Guangdong pharmaceutical university brought a speech “the project of general hospital ophthalmology development”, partners from Zhanjiang second general hospital and Jiangmen New Hope Ophthalmic Hospital exchanged management experience there; the principal of Shanghai Genzhi management advisory limited company showed the establishment of ophthalmology service brand and marketing concept, which leaded more thinking about the ophthalmology expanse zone.

   The meeting topic was novelty and brought many evocation of development of hospital ophthalmology nowadays. Many ophthalmic directors were influenced and hoped the higher leader could take part in such study process, knowing about the need and sense of mission of county hospital ophthalmic service. The common problems of hospitals were how to make ophthalmology activity expenditure practicable; how to absorb and retain talents for county and township hospitals, how to encourage workers to take part in activities except for clinical activities and set reasonable induced mechanism; how to start effective publicity of ophthalmology; how to improve technology and equipment condition; hope that nation policy was more beneficial to development of county and and township hospitals; how to establish good cooperation with countryside; how to face the fast development of private hospital, especially kinds of marketing measures; and how to improve the status of ophthalmology in general hospitals.