Shanghai 2013 Meeting of Prevention and Treatment for Eye Disease Ended Successfully



  Shanghai eye disease prevention and treatment hold the check meeting successfully in the morning of Dec. 6th, 2013. Liu Jie in the Maternal and child health planning disease control department, professor Li Guohong in public health school of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, President Xu Jiaqing of Shanghai scientific and art education center and president Xu Xiongxin of helping doctor department of Shanghai charity fund were asked to be the experts attending the meeting, almost 80 members of eye disease prevention and treatment department joined the meeting.

  17 districts of Shanghai province reported the routine work, major work, features and planning for next year, and followed the suggestion put forward by experts during the meeting, which was managed by prevention section chief Zhu Jianfeng of central prevention department. After meeting, Xuhui district and Songjiang district exchanged experience about specific project with each other.

  In 2013 most districts finished the important 3-year public health  project(2011-2013) Shanghai---establishing a comprehensive children’s record for prevention and control of children myopia development, for example, Huangpu district and Changning district has already established a long term prevention mechanism. Further more, every districts enlarged their service like community elderly eye health care, prevention of cataract and other normal eye disease, prevention and treatment of children myopia and trachoma, teenager’s poor eyesight, prevention and control of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, recovery from poor eyesight and other basic work like screening of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye disease and the prevention and treatment for myopia, amblyopia and low eyesight of the children of migrant workers. Based on the normal work, eye disease prevention and treatment in Shanghai was promoted by continuous training and development scheme for eye disease talents.

                                          Reporter : Lu Lina