First Baseline Assessment of Project “SFCA” III was Finished in Guizhou



  7 members of Guizhou trachoma assessment group finished the first trachoma evaluation under the guidance of experts from the project “SFCA” III on November 5-6.

  On November 5th, 9 provincial and municipal experts and management staff in health department had a trachoma check with the help of experts from the project “SFCA” III in 2 classes in the second primary school, Nangao town Danzhai county, Guizhou, getting the data of TF. On November 6th morning, they had a check of villagers above 15 years old in Wanzhai village, Danzhai country, geting the data of TT. On November 6th  afternoon, they had a check of villagers above 15 years old in Taiping village, no trachoma patient found.

  In the assessment work ,the group began to publicize the prevention of trachoma among the villagers when finding their bad habits, such as rubbing their eyes with dirty towels and cloths. ENT doctors and medical workers in the village all joined the assessment learning a lot.

  According to the specialists of the project, Guizhou “SFCA”project office will finish training city experts and state experts ensuring the work completed in time.

 Reporter: Wang Huiming from the health department of Guizhou Province