International Training Workshop of 2012 Cataract Prevention and Treatment Started


 The training workshop of 2012 cataract prevention and treatment is held in the Aier Eye hospital on October 16th, which is one part of the developing countries’ training plan of Ministry of Science and Technology.

 More than twenty students gathered in Changsha Aier Eye Hopital headquarters of Hunan. They separately came from Pakistan, North Korea, South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries. This training provided foreign students with the training lessons of cataract prevention and treatment including the system construction of cataract screening and phacoemulsification technique in newly established high-level clinical skill training center of the Aier Eye Hospital. The aim of this training was to help the developing countries solve the problem in requirements of cataract technology and equipment on blinding prevention. In addition, it can increase the rate of cataract screening and millions of people’s cataract surgery. No doubt it made great contributions to eliminating the avoidable blindness. Besides, it pushed on exchanges and cooperation between our country and other developing countries in clinical technology, academic and scientific education and healthcare management in ophthalmic society.

  It was said that the Aier Eye Hospital Group was the biggest chained ophthalmic system at present (including nearly 50 eye hospitals now). The group follows the advocacy of new medical reform policy, grading medical treatment and two-way referral system, and constructs a more complete three-stage chain hospital so that it can offer patients from different areas and levels the high-quality service.

 The Aier Eye Hospital is the first IPO medical institutions, which has more than 1000 ophthalmic specialists and doctors. It brings together domestic and international ophthalmic specialists. The medical team includes some doctoral supervisor, master tutor, Dr., postdoctoral, European and American visiting scholar and experienced specialists. Only medical team with reasonable echelon and strength can provides patients with reliable guarantee of top-notch ophthalmic clinical service and attract many foreign patients. The Aier Eye Hospital has a strong influence on our country gradually. In cataract field, the Aier Eye Hospital has obvious advantages. It has conducted many activities about screening of blindness prevention, patients’ education or all kinds of cataract surgeries. 10 million cases of cataract surgeries have operated only in 2012, and millions of patients have been provided the screening and accepted healthy education.

 The Aier Eye Hospital always pursues the harmony and unity of social responsibility and self-development. By being cooperated with all sectors of society, the ideal, to make all the people, rich or poor, can enjoy health rights, cmes true through unremitting efforts finally. The Aier Eye Hospital not only shoulders heavy responsibilities, but also takes social responsibility actively. Besides, it’s happy to have close communications with the domestic and foreign counterparts. The holding of training lessons not only shows international friends our countries’ advanced medical technology and management mode in ophthalmology, but let our country have long-term and close cooperation with the developing countries. In a word, it promotes the harmony of the international blindness prevention and treatment system, as well as benefits more patients with eye diseases.

The training lessons were given by famous specialist in ophthalmology, such as The Aier Eye Hospital Professor Zhao Jialiang, Professor Tang Shibo, Professor Lin Ding, Professor Sheng Yaohua, Professor Chen Maosheng and so on. It is hoped that through almost 1 month training and communication, the important experience of blindness prevention and treatment and clinical medical work with people from different places could be shared, the wisdom and energy of doctors could be transmitted, and all could cooperate in building a bright career.