Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital Hold the First Cataract Public Lecture and General Survey


The first cataract public lecture and general survey in Chonqing (southern part) held by Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital, inducted by Labor Union and supported by labor union in southern part and commission in southern part of the Communist Youth League has held in Nan PIng Art-Culture Center.
   All the seats were occupied, nearly one thousand old people joined and listened to the famous authoritative cataract experts for the eye health and cataract prevention knowledge, on which “hold hands in love and help the poor by light” program of the Labor Union became the focus. After the beginning of the public lecture, professor Chen Maosheng and professor Tan Jilin who are the famous authoritative cataract operation experts in China and the first batch cataract  phacoemulsification (second laser) surgery expert gave a scientific speech separately. The more than one hour professor lecture taught eye disease prevention knowledge for the old people and encourage cataract patients to regain light, which told everyone that cataract could be cured effectively and the technique was mature enough.
   According to document of the Labor Union, some related regaining-light policy will be published which provide the service of free cataract check for the participants and eye health file establishment and offer regaining-light operation for cataract patients who fits operation condition.