“Benefaction in Beijing, light in heart” Charitable Medical Aid Action Starts in Beijing


 On the afternoon in June 26th ,2013, “benefaction in Beijing, light in heart” charitable medical aid action started ceremoniously in Beijing. The related leaders in State Administration of Religious Affairs, Beijing Bureau of religious and Beijing civil affairs bureau, as well as leaders of Beijing Charity Association and Taoist Association attended the ceremony.

   In order to cure children from poor families who have eye disease in time, Beijing charity, Beijing Taoist Association and Beijing Aier Intech Hospital Department of Ophthalmology developed “Benefaction in Beijing, light in heart” charitable aid program. Beijing charity “Hongdaojishi special fund” offer 1000 thousand RMB to help children living in Beijing under 15 who has eye disease.

   President Wang Changlian of Beijing charity said, “Benefaction in Beijing, light in heart” program not only help cure there eye disease but also improve living quality. In the future, Beijing charity will perform supervise duty on itself continuously, audit children patients’ family economic income and ensure the donations are in use to help children patients of poor families as much as possible.

   Huang Xinyang, the vise president of Chinese Taoist Association and president of Beijing Taoist Association, showed the magnificent of “Benefaction in Beijing, light in heart” charitable medical aid action. Liuxiaolingtong, the famous Performance artist in our country, also approved this program, who became the ambassador of love of this charitable medical aid action.