Making 30000 Poor Cataract Patients Regain Their Sight


    Recently, the Hubei Health and Family Planning Commission issued a document to carry out “the project of ten thousand of poor cataract patients regaining their sight” to improve the surgery rate of the province poor cataract patients regaining sight and solve the problem of blindness caused by cataract and authorized Aier ophthalmology to carry out this project. It is estimated that it would make 30000 poor cataract patients regain sight in three years.

It was known that CSR was the case number of the cataract surgery carried out in per million people each year. WHO published the latest estimation about the visual impairment where there were about 39 million blind men. 51% among the blind were caused by cataract. The number of patients with medium and severe visual impairment was 246 million. 33% among them was caused by cataract. Therefore, it was still a key of bind prevention in the world to regain the vision of the cataract blind and patients with medium and severe visual impairment.

However, the CSR of the developed countries was already more than 9000case/millions of people/year. The CSR in our country was still at quite a low level. The CSR was up to 1125 case/millions of people/year by 2014. According to the insiders, in the western Pacific region, our country’s CSR was inferior to not only japan, Australia and other developed countries but also Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and developing countries.

Aier ophthalmology would organize and undertake the work of the cataract sight-restoring project in all the hospitals belonging to the Hubei Aier ophthalmology group to improve the rate of Hubei cataract sight-restoring surgery, reduce the burden of patients hospitalizing and release the CSR aim come up with by our country in the end.

According to instruction, all the poor cataract NCMS patients in the whole province could apply in their living Aier ophthalmology hospitals by using certification through the first screening of the local DPF and certifications issued by civil affair departments above the town level (Low guarantee certification, disability certifications, laid-off certification, the poor certification issued by the local village committee or others).  The hospitals would arranged and carry out public benefit operations for the people meeting the operation conditions. According to the patients’ actual situations, the highest could have a free sight-restoring operation.