Brien Holden Vision Institute


On 3 September 2012, the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE) officially became known as Brien Holden Vision Institute, Public Health Division to celebrate its long-standing partnership with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, its founding supporter and partner.

By aligning the two organisations, the Public Health Division and Institute work closely to harness their networks, expertise and resources, and together, achieve much more. Our purpose is to help provide excellent and equitable vision care solutions for everyone, everywhere.

Through collaborations with leading research and industry organisations the Brien Holden Vision Institute works to develop innovative vision correction products for the treatment of the most common eye conditions. It also seeks to apply its vision research more broadly in other medical applications.

In partnership with local governments, health care providers, education institutions and communities, the Public Health Division works to builds sustainable eye care systems through service development, education, training activities and related research in developing communities worldwide.

By providing multidisciplinary postgraduate research opportunities we help to produce the next generation of researchers, educators, public health specialists and practitioners, to work towards superior vision outcomes for all people.

In 2013, Brien Holden Vision, a group of commercial subsidiaries of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, was launched to develop our own pathways for advanced and beneficial products and services for those in need of vision correction and to detect signs of conditions that threaten vision, eye and general health and to generate resources for our mission.