Vision in Practice is a not-for-profit social enterprise inspired by Aravind Eye Care System in India. It strives to eliminate avoidable blindness in China by providing partner eye hospitals with clinical and surgical training, leadership training, management skills, resources and networks they need to build high-quality, high-volume and financially sustainable eye-care practices in any community — regardless of patients’ ability to pay. Vision in Practice is growing an international training network where practitioners can obtain surgical, clinical and practice management training, and provides several forms of transformative consulting services to private and public eye-care practices that wish to improve their services and social impact.


We believe that our success in carrying out our mission depends both on an evidence-based as well as a values-based approach. We have, therefore, adopted an ethical framework to guide our work and to effectively implement and monitor our programs.  This ethical framework consists of three core values and three core strategies.


Our core values are:

Truthfulness: We are committed to the search for and application of the truth, wherever it may lead, regardless of self-interest. It implies honesty in all our dealings, transparency, trustworthiness, and integrity. It also means meticulously seeking out all relevant information for decision-making.

Justice: We pledge to uphold justice for everyone with whom we work or whom we serve, including for ourselves. It entails fairness to all stakeholders regardless of self-interest. If there is transparency and a commitment to truth, we are confident that we can find just resolution to any challenge.

Unity: We believe there is power in unity and without it all progress will come to a halt. It rests upon its companions of truthfulness and justice without which unity is impossible. It implies setting aside personal agendas, appreciating the contribution of each person and sacrificing personal interest for the common good.


Our Core Strategies are:

Consultation: We use the tool of consultation or collective inquiry to arrive at a better understanding of the truth of a situation and to build unity. By this we mean honest, open, full, but courteous, airing of all points of view. The aim is to gain a fuller more complete understanding of a situation in order to uncover the best course of action.

Collaboration: We offer an open hand to everyone who may wish to work with us provided they agree to our core values. The more effective we are at collaboration, the faster our own learning and our progress in pursuit of our mission.

Capacity building: Everyone has a valuable contribution to make. The unique contribution of every individual can fully materialize through education and training. None of us has all the answers. To succeed, we must adopt an attitude of learning. Development of capacity in every person with whom we collaborate or whom we serve has high priority and is important for our progress.‎