Briefing on NGO Coordination with MOH (No.4)


January 2012


  1. MoH met with NGOs briefing national PBL progress

  2. Development of the PBL Plan (2011-2015)

  3. 2012 NGOs Coordinating Meeting will be held in Chengdu, 12-13 June 2012

  4. Lions Clubs launched its Sight First China Action III


  1. Facts & Figures about PBL progress made recently reported by MoH

  2. 3rd draft of the National PBL Plan (2011-2015)



1Ministry of Health Met with NGOs briefing national PBL progress

Invited by the Department of Medical Administration, Ministry of Health, delegates from 8 NGOs engaged in PBL work in China attended a meeting with the officials on December 27th, 2011. Fanjing, Director of General Affairs Division of the Department, shared with the delegates the advances of national PBL elimination during the “11th 5 year”, the latest draft of the 12th 5 year PBL plan, as well as the national PBL events about to come nearly.


According to the official national cataract surgery database, there are 2.497 million cataract surgeries reported completed in the country from July 2009 to the end of 2011. Of which, there are 1.09 million surgeries considered as output from the three-year campaign “Sight Restoration Project for Million Poor Cataract Patients”, which funded by a central governmental financial investment of RMB 840 million. Among the top 10 hospitals that conducted the most cataract surgeries, 3 hospitals noted as private eye hospitals (see appendix for more facts and figures from the meeting). Of China’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), 23 provinces have free cataract surgery available now.


In the near future, MoH will officially issue the 12th 5 Year PBL Plan. Also, to launch a new phase of three-year “Sight Restoration Project for Million Poor Cataract Patients”, MoH has been requesting financial support from the Ministry of Finance.


Also, MoH decides to activate a regular communication mechanism between MoH and PBL NGOs, by requesting annual reports from NGOs engaged in this field about their annual inputs and outputs before December 20 of each year. Reports on 2011 from NGOs have been submitted to the MoH by 15th January.


2Development of the PBL Plan (2011-2015)

The MoH said it would officially issue the National PBL Plan (2011-2015) in near future. Up to date, only Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Health issued its 5 year Provincial PBL Plan. According to media release, 6 provinces/municipalities have conducted a planning workshop to work on the Provincial Plan. The Fred Hollows Foundation supported 4 provinces, namely Sichuan, Jiangxi, Anhui and Hunan to work on their draft plan.


3. 2012 NGOs Coordinating Meeting will be held in Chengdu, 12-13 June 2012

The planned China’s 2012 NGO/MoH Coordination Meeting will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 12-13 June 2012. The planned IAPB China Sub-Region Secretariat will host the meeting. Please you be noted of this event and arrange your own calendar accordingly.


4. Lions Clubs launched its “Sight First ·China Action” Phase III

According to MoH, Lions Clubs had its “Sight First·China Action” Phase III launched in October 2011 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and China Disabled Persons’ Federation. Fund for the action is 2.67 million US dollar. Of which, 1.6 million dollars will be invested in the campaign of eliminating blinding trachoma before 2016, including research, training and supportive services, 0.426 million invested in CDPF for amblyopia rehabilitation, and 0.65 million for a piloting project of building 3-level eye care system in Liaoning Province.