Online Publishing of National Health and Family Planning Commission (June 5th, 2015)


    June 6th is the National Eye-care Day. Tomorrow will be the 20th National Eye-care Day with the theme of “Bidding farewell to trachoma blindness and watching out eye health”. In 1999, the World Health Organization put forward the worldwide blindness prevention and treatment target, which was avoidable blindness caused by cataract, trachoma, blindness in children, low vision and ametropia should be eliminated on a global scale before 2020. Our government made a commitment and did positive action. Thus we achieved the target to eliminate blinding trachoma in 2014. And trachoma was once the leading cause of blindness, which was summed up as “Nine trachoma patients in every ten people”. The elimination of blindness-leading trachoma was leaded by our medical service system’s constant improvement and the medical service ability continued ascension. And the active participation of all walks in the society and masses in the patriotic health campaign also contributed to the achievement.  The prevention of trachoma is very important. Because the trachomatis Chlamydia widely distributes in the air, dust, skin and the secretion of patients, any contact with secretions from patients may cause infection, such as sharing towels, wash basin, etc., and the patient's hands, towels, washing utensils may also be the medium to diffuse trachoma. So it is important to keep face clean, wash hands frequently. And use the flow of clean water to wash hands and face as far as possible; Keep the towel and basin clean and personal to avoid cross infection. Once the diagnosis of trachoma was made, the patients should insist the treatment. Apart from the prevention and treatment of trachoma, our government also made great effort in the prevention and treatment of cataract. For example, during 2009 and 2014, our country carried out the “Millions of Poor Cataract Patients Regaining Sight Project”, and established the “Cataract Surgery Information Reporting System” which greatly improved the surgery rate of cataract. And the social welfare project “Health Express for Light” also has continued 18 years. This year, 4 health express will drive to nine districts, those are Jiaozuo, Taiyuan, Yangjiang, Dingxi, Haidong, Beihai, Enshi, Tsitsihar, and Liangshan, planning to carry out cataract surgery freely for 12,000 poor cataract patients and help the patients undergoing blindness regain their sights.