"Free Cataract Surgeries for A Million Poor Patients" Project Lauched in Nanchong


According to Nanchong Health Bureau in Sichuan province, “Free Cataract Surgeries for A Million Poor Patients” project has formally launched in Nanchong in this February. At present, the preliminary screening for cataract has started by Aier Maige Eye Hospital and the poor patients who meet the requirement will be provided cataract surgery.

According to the survey, cataract is one of the common leading cause of blindness, but the surgery is the most effective method for healing cataract. ”Free Cataract Surgeries for A Million Poor Patients” also is the key project of Nanchong government beneficial to citizens. In addition, the poor worker in the town, peasant-worker, peasant and so on will get free treatment when they meet related conditions. According to the responsible person in charge of the project, the project provides patients with sight restoring operation by using the special grant of the central government, which is one of the recent important public health Service item implemented by our country.

In 2014, the patients have been fully treated by Aier Maige Eye Hospital on February 10th, which is appointed as one of the contract hospital responsible for Millions of poor cataract patients restoring surgery by Nanchong Health Bureau. On the basis of introduction of worker in the hospital, this activity will last from February to the end of May this year. Once cataract patients meet the related conditions, they can be treated for free by using ID card ,certificate of financial situation(including Low income certificate, disability certificate, laid-off certificate or poverty certificate issue by place of work, neighborhood committee or village committee)and medical insurance (including NCMS and URBMI).

It is estimated that “One million of poor cataract patients restoring vision” will help many people suffering from cataract or other eye diseases solve the problem caused by the eye diseases and Increase knowledge related at the health of eye and relieve the problem of difficulty and high cost to access medical service. Therefore, many people response fiercely, and appreciate this activity which is aimed at offering citizens benefits.